Zodiac signs and depressiveness: Cancer is often depressive, Gemini almost never, Libra can handle the depression

Aries is a fighter by nature and the concept of depression is quite strange for him, with Cancer depression is common, Leo suffers only when there is no sun, Virgos deal with depression just as with any other work, Sagittarius can make jokes even when depressed...


You are famous for your optimism and quickly leaving bad things behind. You always have the strength for new beginnings, and after the worst storms you get back at your feet. You can hardly get into depression and it really takes a big emotional breakdown in order for that to happen. If you get into a state of depression, you can drown your sorrow in alcohol for a while but at some point you will have had enough of that. You are a fighter by nature and you will hardly allow yourself to be defeated by any suffering.



You stand firmly on the ground and hardly anything can disrupt you. You are strong, persistent and don’t allow anyone disrupt your stability. You avoid all situations and people that make you feel restless. Still, you easily become depressed if you are forced to make major changes in your life because you are not flexible enough. Once you lose the ground under your feet you can find yourself in a state of severe depression. It is best to take a break then and be as far away as possible from the cause of your problems, change the environment and avoid people who upset you.



You love moving around a lot, hanging out, and you are not prone to depressive states that would exclude you from society. Because of your characteristic to observe everything with a certain humor, and especially because of the curiosity that is part of you, the state of depression is really not your thing.  However, since you are always running somewhere, it may happen that you don’t take enough care of your needs, skip breakfast and lunch and live unhealthy in general. When your diet is irregular and you don’t rest enough, you can burden your nervous system very much and it can lead you to depression.



Excessive sensitivity will often result in you isolating and healing your wounds in peace and quiet. Sometimes, however, you are not able to isolate yourself and get away from the negative environment and people. And since you tend to close and keep everything inside you, the state of depression is common for you. You must always observe yourself,  how much you can handle because it is important to leave while you still have the strength. If you don’t, it’s necessary to go to nature, where nothing will upset you, it's the best recovery for you.



Every day is created for success and achievement, but when it doesn’t happen, even a Leo can get into a dark mood. Especially if this situation continues for too long and there is no light in sight. Stagnation and failure can make you a cranky depressive. It is additionally bad if it's winter or bad weather because then there is not enough sunlight that is necessary for your recovery. Still, your optimism and energy are not easy to destroy, just a couple of sunny days and a small success are enough for you to recover. Growing number of sunny days will bring you more success, quite enough to make you shine in all your glory. 

How depressive are you: Cancer often, Gemini almost never


How smart is it to be depressed with so much work that is on your mind? No Virgo has time for this and that is why she’s pretty upset with those who don’ know what to do with their lives and therefore fall into depression. With all the work that you already have, now you have to take care of them. Fatigue is a factor that destroys every Virgo. You can burden your system so much that it is inevitable for you to fall into bed at a certain point. It’s as if you keep forgetting that you come first and that you are the most responsible for yourself.



Your innate need for balance and harmony makes you balance great between different extremes. Depression is nothing new for you, but it seems you can handle any form of it much easier than others. You like to pamper yourself and others and you are always looking for the bright side of life. Disharmony and strife can sometimes disturb you, and in those moments, you need to be alone. Treat yourself to something nice then or look for the beauty in nature, or in other things that make you happy.



Deep down you despises your weakness as well as the weakness of others. That is why you always try to be strong and up to the task that is expected from you. You are always cold on the outside because you can control yourself, except for the tiny stings that you simply must give others from time to time. Inside you there may be raging storm of conflicting feelings without anyone noticing. If this condition lasts, you may get into a long depression which you are usually not even aware of. Treat yourself to peace and relaxed atmosphere, and avoid people and situations that upset you.



You are always active, constantly on the move and you may have a problem due to excessive optimism rather than get into a state of depression. Only if you are restrained and tied to one place, then you can turn into a grumpy negative. Even then you retain a certain amount of humor and laugh at the situation you found yourself in. It is important that in such situations, you find yourself something mentally interesting. Expand your horizons and fly to areas where you want in your thoughts.



You are very disciplined and responsible. Often at work and in the family you take more responsibilities than others. Sometimes you are a parent to your parents.  Constant worrying and too many obligations can keep you under constant stress and long-term stress can take you into depression. Especially if the whole world collapses before your eyes. In order to overcome this, you need to be more in nature and to surround yourself with animals. Physical work as well as the ability to create something with your own hands will give you the energy to go further.



You are quite susceptible to stressful situations, especially when things don’t work out the way you planned. If you can’t solve the new problem despite all your mental capacities, you’ll sink into long silence. Depression and psychosomatic illnesses are often the results of your unrealistic expectations and demands that you set yourself. It is important that you feel on time when you start blinking on the inside, get away from people and go to nature, breathe fresh air and feel the wind, it will take away all your hard thoughts.



You are prone to big thrills due to which you deeply and emotionally enter into what has impressed you, without any thinking and healthy logics. That is why you are often a victim of depression that comes after the breakdown of your most beautiful dreams. You may spend years in the state of apathy, without any desire to move. It is very important not to be alone in moments when it is hard. Create a circle of friends who will bring you up when necessary. Do what you love but don’t get locked in the house, you need to get out and move.


How depressive are you: Cancer often, Gemini almost never