WHAT KIND OF PARTNER YOU NEED: Cancer needs someone who is considerate and caring...

Each zodiac sign is looking for a different partner and expects a certain quality in a relationship.

Here's how the zodiac signs estimate lovers and which traits are required of their partners.


Aries needs a partner who:

* allows him to lead

 * has a need for excitement and adventure

* enjoys going outs and physical activities (cycling, jogging, exercising)



Taurus wants a partner who:

* knows how to appreciate the financial security as much as he does

* is passionate

* is romantic and sensual.



Gemini needs a partner who:

* appreciates interesting talks as much as they do

* is very sociable

* is playful, spontaneous and flexible



Cancer expects a partner who:

* is attentive and caring

* will make them feel safe and who understands them

* values a family

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Leo needs a partner who:

* truly loves

* is playful and cheerful

* will be his best friend



Virgo shines with a partner who:

*will help him organize his life

* helps him not to be too hard to himself

* inspires her faith in life

Raku treba neko pažljiv i brižan, Vagi treba neko ko stavlja vezu na prvo mesto


Libra needs a partner who:

* knows how to deal with her mood swings

* is dynamic and always ready for action

* puts the relationship on the first place



Scorpio needs a partner who:

* is reliable 

* has boosted sex drive

* helps them to have their strong emotions under control



Sagittarius shines with a partner who:

*has a broad view and who is flexible

*is free-spirited and spontaneous

* is eager to learn more.

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Capricorn needs a partner who:

* is attentive and caring

* helps him to be optimistic and to look at the bright side of life

* can provide a comfortable family life



Aquarius wants a partner who:

* does not try to control or to change him

* loves his unique individuality

* brings passion and warmth in his life



Pisces needs a partner who:

* is practical and who seem to know better themselves

* appreciates their caring and sensitive nature

* is a hard worker and who is not paying attention to trivial things of everyday life.


WHAT KIND OF PARTNER YOU NEED: Cancer needs someone who is considerate and caring, Libra needs someone who puts their relationship on first place