LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR JUNE 2016: For Capricorn there's new romance at work, Taurus has love relationship put on a test, for Virgo ideal period for love


Until June 17,  Venus, planet of love and ruler of the house of pairs of Aries is in the 3rd house of Aries. With the presence of Venus in the 3rd house all unexpected encounters can go well or enter a new relationship can be based on shared intellectual interests. But Venus is in a bad position because of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, which is why your love life will suffer various blockades, confusing situations or excessive emotional reactions. After June 17, Venus is entering a lot of calmer house. From that date on there will be more pleasure, intimacy, and you will try to build more stable and secure relationship. Your loved one, family and home will come first.


Mars returned to the house of partnership of Taurus, through which it moves retrograde, and remains there until June 30 and then continues to move directly. During this period, you can expect critical moments that will put the relationship to the test. Good and bad are sought through the relationship. Things that are valuable survive and become stronger. Those in which value is not recognized fall apart. But don't rush things! At the end of June you can make the best decisions because that is the time when you will have all the necessary arguments, real conclusions and then the situation becomes clearer. Besides that, in the first part of the month the relationship is affected by the financial situation. In the second part of the month, the relationship is based on communication. June may bring a renewal of relations too.


June is a much better month, unlike the previous ones, for your love life. Things started to improve in the last week of the previous month when two important things happened: Mars came out of the house of Gemini pairs (do not rush to conclusions, it will return in June!) and Venus, the planet of love, entered the field of Gemini. With Mars exiting the house of pairs of Gemini, a lot of tension in your love life was released. By coming to your sign Venus brings new love opportunities, more passion and happiness in a relationship or marriage. Venus will stay in Gemini until June 17 so take advantage of these favorable circumstances until then. The second part of June is also favorable, but more for home and finances.



At the end of the previous month, Mars returned to the house of passion of Cancer, only it is now retrograde and things will not change in June. Mars opens a whole range of old emotional issues in love life or you will find yourself in the unusual romantic situation, sometimes complicated, difficult, which will make you think about free love, adventure or even maternity or paternity. Mars starts to move directly on June 30. Until then, we advise you not to make important decisions in love life, because the puzzle won't be finished, some parts will be missing, or the situation will turn in an unexpected way. After June 17, the situation begins to improve. Then Venus enters your sign. 


When it comes to love life, June is not too generous to Leos. In the first part of June you will have fun, you will socialize a lot and your relationship will retain the balance or at least it will look like it to your surrounding, but you won't be completely satisfied. Tense situations and some things will worry you and bother you. You will have certain doubts. After June 17, it may come to frustrations, disappointment, alienation or various limitations. On the other hand, at home things won't be peaceful either. There may be unpleasant and stressful situations related to family matters, finances, parents and various obligations.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR JUNE 2016: For Capricorn there's new romance at work, Taurus has love relationship put on a test, for Virgo ideal period for love


During June planets are generous to your love life. Jupiter, ruler of the house of pairs of Virgo remains in Virgo and Venus, the planet of love is very well located. During the first part of the month, Venus is in the 10th house of the Virgo, in one of the best possible places and it brings additional strength, but can in a way connect your love life with business life. After June 17, Venus comes into the 11th house, the happy house. Also, from there Venus forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter. Opportunities for love are increasing! Those who are in a relationship can expect love to flourish thanks to tenderness, caring, harmonious relationship and optimism. This is a favorable period for planning the future.


Complications in your love life may continue in June. The reason for this is the retrograde moving of Mars, ruler of the house of partners of Libra. Happenings can be quite stressful. However, it seems that this is only a temporary state during June. Earnings and financial issues interfere in love life. Maybe you are together with your partner in front of a financial challenge or your partner has such a problem that disturbs the harmony in your relationship. Otherwise, the first part of June encourages romantic travels, spiritual topics between a couple and encourages long-distance relationships. The second part of the month connects your relationship with your career or social activities.


When it comes to love life, the first part of the month of June won't be pleasant, because Venus, ruler of the house of pairs of Scorpio is in your 8th house. This position of Venus brings various fears, worries, doubt, jealousy and it discourages. You will excessively analyze every situation. You will do everything you can to prevent a tense situation from getting worse, especially in this period when Mars is retrograde in Scorpio. Frustrations easily lead to conflicts, so be careful! On June 17. Venus enters the 9th house of Scorpio, which is much more comfortable and better position. The situation in your relationship will become more relaxed and positive. Then you will be attracted to common spiritual or cultural subjects. It may happen that you engage in a romantic relationship with someone from a distant country or you may decide to go on a trip because of love.



For you June opens the door to love! With Sun and Venus in the house of pairs of Sagittarius, the first two weeks of June, bring a lot of new opportunities. Sun gives you the energy, and emphasizes the importance of partnership and therefore your loved one will be the center of your world. All your wishes and plans will be spinning around your loved one. Venus visibly enhances your thirst for love and passion. If you are in a relationship or married, you can expect a harmonious and beautiful relationship with a lot of pleasant and fulfilling moments together. From 13. to 30. of June, Mercury is passing through the house of pairs and encourages communication between you and your loved one and it can bring very significant and special encounters and traveling. 


The first part of June was quite uneventful. Lack of time and a lot of obligations will affect your love life. In the best scenario, you work together with your loved one (job, training) or you make an effort together to achieve common goals. There is a possibility for romance at work or romance that is work related. In the second part of the month the situation will drastically change. Venus, the planet of love and harmony enters the house of pairs of Capricorn on June 17. Relationship with your loved one becomes gentler, more fulfilled and full of understanding. You will be emotionally more open to others and for those who are not in a relationship new possibilities open for entering a new love relationship.


Sensuality is coming in waves during June. Sun, Venus and Mercury pass through the house of love of Aquarius. Sun brings vitality and energy, Venus romance, flirting and love, and Mercury brings a tendency to experiments and trying something new. Under such influence, June is open to all possibilities: marriage proposals, new love, renewal of relationships, exploring new possibilities, engaging in new love experiences. You may expect a lot of fun because June brings you all possible pleasures. Here and there you may encounter obstacles, but if you want to be happy, then it's not worth paying them a lot of attention.


In the first part of June you will be focused on home and family. You are probably, together with your partner, occupied with the house or you spend more time with parents and relatives. For your emotional stability, you will need privacy, peace and security.

On June 17, the planet of love Venus magnificently enters the house of love of Pisces. And on June 21 Sun joins her. Sun enhances the power of passion. Venus brings sensuality, romance and power of seduction. Also, Venus brings possibilities and creates favorable conditions for love. This is a promising period for your love life, especially when Sun and Venus are in good relation with Jupiter, Great Happiness, positioned in the house of pairs of Pisces.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR JUNE 2016: For Capricorn there's new romance at work, Taurus has love relationship put on a test, for Virgo ideal period for love