Favorite habits in the life of each zodiac sign: Aries is a real athlete in bed, Taurus is sensual...


Since he is impulsive and possesses enormous energy, Aries is a real athlete in bed. His private life is simple: he lives for one valuable fiery moment. It is enough to look at him and realize that there is only one season for him: spring. That is his motto. All things taken into account, Aries is certainly vital and lively lover. Passion and some kind of rage, are constantly present with all Aries whose only goal is to discharge that anger and tension. 

The energy that he has makes Aries strive to sudden, immediate possession that can't be postponed, but only repeated. Since he is always ready for love, he might start bothering someone with his great enthusiasm. He is always willing to drag you into a corner, even in a public place, sheltered from the prying eyes and make love to you. At night he is in the mood for exciting places that have passionate tension; in such an environment, Aries will try to get you well fed and drank with all kinds of food and drinks that will act as an aphrodisiac, so he could spend a sleepless night with you later.

It is true that Aries is super stubborn, but they are superior in bed too, they are ready to conquer at every moment because it seems that they have arranged their life so that they can constantly be in pursuit of pleasure. It seems to represent a discipline in their lives. So, maybe it's good to know: for Aries love is an everyday thing and it will always be. They get out of your life without apology or gratitude, leaving you equally amazed, just like when you first met. Of course, you won't understand anything. It would be best to be with an Aries when you are looking for tempest and thunderstorms!


Taurus is sensual and full of desires by nature and prefers taking things slowly.  With his ravishing looks, Taurus is capable of taking you into the warmth area that will make you think that you are his only owner and the cause of his existence, but don't fool yourself because Taurus only looks after himself! He will make up the most fantastic stories and actions that, however, strictly serve to satisfy his desires. Be careful!

If you take him for what he is, and that is - a monstrous egoist, he will attack you with an angry and dissatisfied look that will surely scare you. He is good with words, pleasant in company likes to eat well, drink and pays compliments. He is slow, difficult, sometimes even tedious, which probably makes him think that he is full of delicate qualities. He is always consumed with his own life goals, so it often happens that he falls behind, at least when it comes to developing a love relationship. He needs a big injection of good will, every morning, in order to get engaged and enters the real world, to make him realize that you are still in bed next to him and in the end, you get nothing more but a little kiss.

It is true that he is very sensual, but above everything else he is a methodical warrior and only then a believer. He is impatient at the moments when he wants you, but once he makes love to you, for him it doesn't seem to exist anymore. When he finally comes into your life, after many hesitations, something very difficult will come out of him. He will keep coming back, so he may make you angry with his arrogance and attitude that he's got the 'right to you. Love affair or a relationship doesn't end so easily with such people.


The Gemini are a little bit dreamers, which makes them love a love game, and otherwise are much more romantic than what they are willing to show. Gemini will always stay a teenager, so even when he's 40 he will follow many rules from younger days. When he looks at you with lust in his eyes, you never know what kind of sauce he would eat you up! His nature is very polite, kind, he's a real gentleman, which doesn't mean he won't leave you in the middle of love because of some 'very important' TV shows that he simply has to watch!

His former lovers will call you on the phone to recommend you to treat your Gemini gently and carefully. This is because Gemini has with his previous partners some kind of mysterious connection and he can never or doesn't want to get rid of them. They will also tell you that you should overlook some things because of his absent-mindedness, if for no other reason, then because your Gemini can take you into the world of unknown and in a way that no one else can.

He likes to taste the forbidden and inaccessible, but that's only because he's a little irresponsible. You will conclude out of everything he does, that he is on his own in every ambiguous or unresolved situation, and not when everything is clean and clear. He will always seem somehow distant as a person: he is like a summer insects that flies from flower to flower. Gemini is one of the wildest signs in the whole zodiac, but he will always try to convince you that he is just a sensible lover! And, what a crazy lover! Is it his fault that life wasn't designed the way that everyone could play, and that there is no country in which you constantly celebrate something and have fun. Finally, a piece of advice: get close with a Gemini only if you have strong nerves!



Cancer is full of fantasies but very absentminded in practice. It is hard to describe and circle the universe of this sign which is very sensitive, but changes feelings like the Moon changes its phases! Cancer is usually not the guys who don’t get married because they love making a stable life for themselves that they wouldn’t ruin later at any cost. They will put in enormous energy in order to find themselves a man or a woman of their life who will, for example with men, suit the model of their mother the most. 

So, provided that it is not about young Cancer, if you don’t fit into his vision of mommy, you will be just another casual relationship in his life. As a lover, Cancer is melodramatic but also exciting. He will invite you for a date somewhere romantic, on the shore of a lake for instance, where he will do anything for you, even steal a boat to be with you in it, in the middle of the lake, where there is no one around. He will gently move the paddles, so he doesn’t disrupt your image reflected on the quiet surface of the water.

He will tell you that he didn’t bring anyone to that place before and that you are the first. You will absorb the words that are coming out of his mouth and the whole situation will be gradually brought to culmination. You will be ready to give him your whole body and soul, to fulfill his every desire in the warmth of the beautiful nature, and later you are in for a shock! That beautiful summer night with the sky full of stars will be ruined by a storm with dark clouds of oblivion. It will be just a midsummer’s night dream.


What a bursting love! Beware of heat eruptions! Leo's skin is light and shiny and the movements masterful, strong, so powerful that they can consume everything. Their forehead is high, the nose is royal, thighs strong and nice,and the voice masculine and brilliant. However, Leo’s ambition and desire for business success will cast a shadow over love. Even though love is very important to him, Leo can’t sustain when it comes to his career. Since he is very representative by nature, Leo will choose an adequate partner for himself. While everything is going well for him, he needs a lover who will consistently represent him in the world of business. If he likes you, he will follow you until he captures you with his claws, and then he will charm you with his romantic style, in order to make you nothing but an official lover in the end! He has to show you at any cost that he will manage you the way he likes and subsequently give you the shine and glamor.

He is very charming and almost always elegant. In love he goes straight towards the goal, and when he is turned down, he retreats theatrically, wanting to show that his pride is hurt above all. If you accept his offer, making love with him will be a real experience! It's going to be a gala, and you will be under the impression that he is, in fact, performing an opera piece before you. Pay attention to your own pleasure, because you could easily go without it!

Even though it may not be in accordance with his age, Leo will always be happy to take you somewhere dancing and dance with you till dawn. In summer months he is marvelous because under the light of the Sun, for Leo there is no equal lover! 

Favorite habits in the sex life of each zodiac sign


Virgo is almost mad with desire for restless searching for ways that they hope will lead them to something new, to crazy new passion! They are well built without special marks on the body that would make them stand out. They have a light complexion; they are very gentle and kind. Always sophisticated. In a word, Virgo is a real ascetic product with a long warranty. If you had Virgo for a lover, know that you are lucky, because it is not so easy to achieve!

If your husband was born in the sign of Virgo, prepare yourself to be only his, but don’t expect him to be too much around the house! The biggest handicap with Virgo is that they will never make love to you until everything is checked and until they carry out a certain number of rituals: first they will check if the stove is turned off, that there is no  gas leaking in the kitchen, and also it is important that the whole atmosphere pretty much suits what he imagined. If you get tired of waiting for him, he may tell you that you put on some weight since the last time you made love to him and will help you get rid of excessive weight with the help of a diet based on Tibetan yogurt and exotic herbs.

They often shower and take baths, but for them it’s enough for the house to be seemingly clean. In fact, they are obsessed with invisible germs that cause serious illnesses. He can easily irritate his partner with his measures of precaution. He is always a bit of a masochist and is willing to accept some of your flings, but that doesn’t mean that he is a saint. He is capable of getting down to his knees and begging you to come back. As a lover he is most suitable for a dominant and possessive person.


Libra never thinks a lot about scruples. Their skin is nice, pale, like satin. Their movements are moderate and gradual, full of grace. Even when they are not physically beautiful, Libras are able to fascinate you with their movements and their walk. Their beauty comes from afar, from a lost paradise where everything was luxurious, still and passionate. In your eyes, Libra will be a very dear person, overcome by a non-existent nostalgia, with sad eyes just like ‘cocker spaniel’.

Their warm voice at night will give you goose bumps. With their attitude they will make you feel like an intelligent person, and you will adore them for that. You will get to her apartment by a taxi that will slowly glide through rainy streets. She will talk to you a lot, and you will be only feeling your growing desire which will grow so much that there is a risk of explosion.

A true Libra will never decide to spend the whole night with you. She’s capable of saying goodnight to her tired warrior and leave. They are occasional lovers by nature, vagabonds, eager for passion, but considering that they are always punctual and stable, they will gain you even more. When you tell them about your new love, they will surely give you some advice or warn you about something. They are not made for constrained and stereotype marriage. She longs for free love, so if you ever want to loosen up and be free for a little bit, Libra won’t be trying to stop you.


With her little devil inside the body, Scorpio goes straight to the goal that she set herself. She has something devilish inside herself. Although she constantly strives for the elegance of some kind, she has very aggressive movements, not trusting the looks nor words. Her voice is full of sincere vibrations. Scorpio will stand before you completely naked, just like a picture from an erotic magazine. She will express her self-awareness through very rich personality, arrogance, and provocation.

Sometimes it's hard for them to move and sometimes they are the real devils; going from one phase to another in an unpredictable manner, guided mostly by instinct. They are specialists for mysteries that they are very familiar with. Scorpio combines exhibitionist and the genuine silent secret lover. Scorpio's approach is full of intelligence and flame. She will stretch out to you as a reptile and get closer slowly caressing, fully immersed in her agonizing metaphysics and pleasant conversation. You won't be able to resist her because it was all very carefully planned and strategically worked out.

Once you fall into her trap, Scorpio will do only one thing: subordinate you and make you her slave. They are cruel and rigid to others, but also to themselves. They need other people's obscenities and it is possible that they will constantly be asking you for them. They are prone to suffering. Scorpio is obsessed with jealousy, but be careful! This portrait doesn't really give them enough credit!


They constantly and continually think about 'those things'! There you will see the real Sagittarius. Since he was born under Jupiter's shadow, further explanations may not even be necessary. Represented as centaurs, their bodies were born to move to the rhythm of crazy dances, while there is only one God in their minds. They are true guardians of tradition, so they respect all the rituals and customs, laws and conventions. They act as if they have a bright future for certain, which they also think intimately, and that keeps them calm and composed.

These people who bear the mark of greatness in their bodies, when they carry a burden, they feel like new, as higher beings who are created for exaggeration. Their dreams are generally too big, the wine they drink is the best, and the partner they have is the most beautiful. Once they close the bedroom door, turn off the light and have no more fear of inquiring eyes, they throw themselves to their prey with all they've got. If you want such an experience, then you will find no one better than the Sagittarius!

If you resist him, he will be even more stimulated to conquer you and share his fantasies with you. If you have the ambition of becoming his spouse, you must learn how to behave as an antique of extraordinary value, and that is how you will finally stay, what else than one of the pieces of furniture in his house! If, however, you decide to play with him his hunting game in which you will always be the prey, you will have to fit into his role of the dominant, ruling figure. This type of lover will always make you do many other things, not only love!



They tend to start with a strong gallop, but sometimes they can slip and fall. Capricorn is the lover who comes from cold regions. Beneath his cold courting lies a kind of a little bit mocking bear. This cold-blooded animal, of obscure destiny and melancholy, finds it hard to approach other people, and when he does it, things usually don't go smooth. Still, you should get to know him. Even his nudity has something special inside, something disproportionate, which you may take as a kind of primitive force that climbs to the top out of the great depths.

This sign gives away the man who is incorruptible, difficult to straighten out, and for his love life it’s safe to say that there isn’t much in common with Don Quixote. He is more like a cowboy who's crazy about women. He leads his life in a race and wastes his energy on a thousand different things. He does everything by himself and he never needs anyone else. A woman does not represent particular value to him, because according to him, it is all about skin and nothing else. Since he is materialistic and a pessimist by nature, he will reduce your relationship only to sexual, and will consider that he did you a privilege!

He likes group games: he will surely try to get you engaged in this kind of sport that he sees as a relaxing exercise full of fun. In bed he never gives in to his emotions but controls himself very well. He will observe you because he thinks that you are faking it; still be patient because the end is better than the beginning. In this sign there are an enchanting artist, reluctant adventurer and dancer from 'Last Tango in Paris'. He is tireless and, therefore, appealing to all those who love intense relationships.


Aquarius is a free spirit, ready for all experiences. You can see them everywhere because they are a little bit of artists and a few travelers. There is nothing unusual that would satisfy their thirst for miraculous things. The thing that will attract you to Aquarius is their visible distance during the introduction. How to make a contact with these beings who seem as if they came from another hemisphere?

In order to achieve something like that, you literally need a strategy from the 'Star Wars’! You will surprise them if in the middle of winter you park your convertible in front of a concert hall and don’t forget to dress like a Hollywood star because, even though Aquarius always prefers an alternative, they can’t give up for the love of everything that represents the bourgeoisie. It is hard to find a balance there. The looks, appearance is very important to them, regardless of its content. You should know that you are dealing with a special type of aesthete.

It is said that they are altruistic, but it doesn’t mean they will go directly to the Third World to offer their help. You will get along fine with them if you are rich, beautiful and intelligent. They are the elite or, at least, they act that way, and therefore, they need a partner who is a match for them. Love act that excites them is imaginary, unachieved or unrealizable. Men Aquarius are not of the kind who insists on black stockings. They overgrew that. If you want an Aquarius to like you, you should organize a 'close encounter of the third kind' in which they would have the opportunity to get to know the 'little green ones.'


People born under this sign will be more faithful to your spirit rather than your body. Their skin is pale, white and resistant to sun rays. Pisces are the type who likes to set off among people and vague, abstract ideas, only when they finished everything and everything suits them. Still, this doesn’t mean that their radar isn’t constantly switched on and that there isn’t someone whom they could conquer. You should know that for you a partner in the sign of Pisces will always remain elusive and enigmatic.

The whole policy of living for Pisces is based on surviving between two opposed currents, as their horoscope symbol shows. Feelings they have for you will change depending on the environment. They behave like real chameleons. Your body turns them on as much as your friend's body does.

Pisces also like to swim in complicated business waters, as they do in love affairs that can complicate things to unsuspected proportions. Their impulsiveness is always turned on. Among Pisces there are also those who call out to women on the street or those who are capable of losing their mind over a leg showing under long slit. 

They are excellent companions for night cruising through town, especially through suspicious quarts in which Pisces is natural. Of course, they are drawn to everything that is forbidden. Still you should appreciate them and take care of them because of their main virtue: they are sincere friends, which is quite rare.


Favorite habits in the sex life of each zodiac sign