A house has a horoscope: Your birthday tells a lot about your home

A house has a horoscope: Your birthday tells a lot about your home

The day of your birth says a lot about how the planets affect all that happens in your home, and the Astrology of the Local Space can help you make your home entirely functional.

The day of your birth makes special, invisible planet lines around your house. The Astrology of Local Space allows you to bring harmony into your home by arranging it in a way so to match your horoscope sign.

Put the draft of the local space over the blueprint of your home to find out which line passes through which room.

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Each room has its planet. For example, the Moon is connected with the family and feelings. If the line of the Moon passes through your office, just put some family pictures in it, so the energy of the Moon can canalize better. That's what Kita Marie Williams, the author of the book “Astrology and interior decoration”, claims.

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The draft of a local space can explain why your home “behaves” in a certain way. For example, according to Net, if you usually workout in your living room, it is probably because the line of Mars passes through it.

Use the astrology to decorate your home and to allow the flow of energy. The draft of the local space can be found on the internet.  


A house has a horoscope: Your birthday tells a lot about your home

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