Every person in this world is unique, and we are glad that that’s the case. However, certain characteristics can be linked to a particular month. We will describe both good and bad ones depending in which month you have been born.




- Ambitious and serious

- Love to teach and learn as well

- Pay great attention to the faults and weaknesses of other people

- Like to criticize

- Hard-working and productive

- Intelligent, neat and organized

- Sensitive and profound

- Know how to make others happy

- Silent in most of the cases, until they get excited or become tensed

- Quite reserved

- Extremely careful

- Resistant to diseases but prone to colds

- Romantic, but have difficulty expressing love

- Love children

- Good hosts

- Loyal

- Should improve social skills

- Easily become jealous.




- Have an abstract way of thinking

- Love reality and abstraction

- Intelligent

- Have strong temperament

- Quiet, shy and modest

- Sincere, honest and loyal

- Decisive in achieving objectives

- Love freedom

- Rebellious when someone or something puts limits upon them

- Too sensitive

- Easily show anger

- Do not like unnecessary things

- Love meeting new people, but they rarely show that

- Introvert

- Courageous and stubborn

- Ambitious

- Accomplish their dreams and hopes

- Bright

- Love fun

- Romantic from the inside, but not from the outside

- Spend a lot of time learning how to show emotions.






- Looking attractive

- Gentle

- Shy and reserved

- Mysterious

- Honest by nature, generous and kind

- Love peace and tranquility

- Show sensitivity when other people are in question

- Love to serve others

- Difficult to get angry

- Reliable

- Grateful and return gratefulness in the same manner

- Intuitive and able to scan other people

- Vindictive

- Love to dream and fantasize

- Love to travel

- Love the attention

- Decide quickly when choosing partners

- Have talent for music

- Moody.




- Active and dynamic

- Determined and vigorous, but often complain about making hasty decisions

- Attractive and self-esteemed

- Mentally strong

- Love the attention

- Have diplomatic skills

- Sympathetic

- Friendly and able to solve other people's problems

- Brave and fearless

- Adventurous

- Caring

- Kind and generous

- Emotional

- Vindictive

- Good memory

- Motivate themselves and others

- Are often too jealous.




- Stubborn and hard-hearted

- Have a strong will and are very motivated

- Get angry easily

- Attractive for others and love attention

- Have beautiful appearance and good mental state

- Opinionated

- Easy to influence upon

- No need to motivate them

- Make decisions in a systematic manner

- Love to dream

- Prudent

- Often suffer from pain in the neck and ears

- Incredibly imaginative

- Prominent speakers

- Love literature and painting

- Love to travel

- Don’t like to be at home

- Restless

- Hard working.




- Visionaries

- Value kindness

- Kind

- Have a lot of ideas

- Sensitive

- Their mind is constantly active

- Often late

- Reluctant

- Picky and always searching for perfection

- Temperamental

- Humorous and witty

- Love to joke

- Have good verbal skills

- Talkative

- Friendly

- Dreamers

- Successfully making friends

- Very vulnerable

- Prone to colds

- Like to revamp their looks

- Become bored very quickly

- Trivial

- Rarely show emotions

- Need a lot of time to recover from the emotional breakdown

- Stubborn

- Bad in making judgments.



- Mysterious

- Have difficulties to gain trust in others

- Silent, except when they are excited or tensed

- Proud of themselves

- Fair

- Tactical

- Accessible

- Very emotional

- Friendly

- Easy to hurt

- Temperamental and unpredictable

- Witty and sarcastic

- Sentimental

- Non vindictive 

- Forgive, but never forget

- Upset by meaningless things

- Have the same behavior towards everyone

- Love to be calm

- Caring and beloved

- Have a large dose of compassion

- Not aggressive, except when they're being provoked

- Love to be loved

- Work hard when at work

- Easy to hurt and need a lot of time to recover

- Prone to abdominal problems.




- Attractive

- Love to joke

- Kind and caring

- Fearless

- Know how to comfort others

- Firm and have leadership qualities

- Too generous and quite egotistical

- They desire to be praised

- Become jealous easily

- Cautious

- Careful and vigilant

- Quick thinkers

- Like to lead

- Like to dream

- Not quite resistant to diseases

- Romantic

- Talented for music, painting, and martial arts

- Sensitive, but not nitpicking

- Caring

- Love to meet new people.




- Kind and prone to making a compromise

- Like to point to other people's mistakes

- Careful, cautious and organized

- They love to criticize

- Quiet, but good speakers

- Reliable, honest and faithful

- Attentive to details

- Thinkers

- Have good memory

- Excellent in all types of jobs

- Like to seek for information

- Secretive

- Like sports, recreation and travel

- Have difficulty in showing emotions

- Have difficulty in concealing their feelings

- Have systematic approach in everything

- Picky, especially in relationships.





- Love to dance

- Attractive and friendly

- Beautiful inside and out

- Friends are the most important to them in the world

- Do not like lies and those who pretend to be something else

- Easy to hurt, but they recover quickly

- Compassionate

- Love to dream

- Always helpful, but they need to be asked for help

- Pretty selfish

- Very stubborn

- They care for the opinion of others

- Emotional

- Determined

- Very astute

- Love to travel and enjoy art

- Romantic

- Fair

- Easily lose confidence.




- Full of ideas

- Unique

- Can be good doctors, if you chose that for the career

- Dynamic

- Curious

- Know how to "dig out" secrets

- Not so talkative, but friendly

- Brave and generous

- Patient

- Committed

- Rarely give up

- Difficult to get angry, unless provoked

- Do not appreciate appraisals

- Look good and are strong

- Romantic

- Insecure in relationships

- Very capable

- Hardworking

- Don’t know how to control emotions

- Honest and able to keep secrets

- Reliable

- Unpredictable.




- Devoted and generous

- Active in interactions

- Impatient and abrupt

- Ambitious

- Influential in organizations

- Love to hang out

- Love the praise and attention

- Honest and reliable

- They don’t pretend to be something else

- Have a short fuse

- Not egoistic

- Very proud of themselves

- Hate restrictions

- Love to joke

- Have a good sense of humor

- Have logical approach to all things.


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