LOVE HOROSCOPE UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER: Leo is tempted, Aries is day dreaming, Capricorn feels safe next to their partner

Someone is going to remember the year that is about to end by great happenings in the emotional plan, someone fell out of love, and someone enjoyed flirting and flings. Find out what's expecting you in the first half of the last month in this year.


You will be dreaming of something that isn't there, but it will pull you out of love lethargy that will come over you. Many will use imagination to make up for what is currently missing in their emotional relationships.


With the help of friends you will easily overcome all the doubts or dilemmas. You will confide in people. That will also bring intimacy with a person of the opposite sex that you thought was just a friend. It is possible that there will be sparks.


Some will realize that they are quite happy and that they don't need anything more beyond that. Their friends will help them in that. Those who are in long relationships will try to connect their partner with their friends as closely as possible.


Interesting meetings, pleasant conversations with a bit of your self-control, humor and good vibrations - you can experience all of that during this period. There will be some provocations, but you will handle it quite well and turn it all into a joke.

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Many will renew secret acquaintance or will be tempted to so something similar. Be careful how far you take it. Some will believe that they are on the verge of final solution, but it will turn out that this relationship needs more work.

LOVE HOROSCOPE UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER: Leo is tempted, Aries is day dreaming, Capricorn feels safe next to their partner


Your love life will develop well, provided that you don't speak at all costs. Regardless of all the little puzzles, you will still be full of faith and optimism, even when it comes to love. The other side will accept you well.


You will be increasingly prone to giving in, to someone's courting, and everything else. Your partner may complain because of those other things. Set the direction and the goal of how you want your relationship to develop.


Your company will still be very fond of you, and you will spend most of your free time rather with friends than with your partner. This is why your partner might start complaining. Find a compromise.

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If you're expecting a phone call, it will probably come. And it will sincerely cheer you up. Things will be easier for you. Besides good fun, it is possible that you will become seriously interested in another person. The Sagittarius in relationships will be very close with their partners.


You will have a strong feeling of safety and trust in the person you love. It will feel as if this time it may last. Also, you can easily explain where the problem is or what bothers you. That is how you will further improve mutual relations.


You will be preoccupied with one member of your family so your partner will be left by the side for short. As soon as you resolve family matters, you will try to make up for what you missed with your loved one.


Feelings will come over you like a tide. You will be prone to surrender to love without holding anything back. You will receive the same. At the same time you are going to have to deal with your family, and it will encourage you to see your relationship better.

LOVE HOROSCOPE UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER: Leo is tempted, Aries is day dreaming, Capricorn feels safe next to their partner
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