What Zodiac sign is your relationship? Find out how stars can affect your relationship

Depending on when you started it, find out how stars can affect your relationship...



The relationship started in the sign of Aries is never a boring one. If there is a problem, they will solve it in bed. Although this relationship can appear unstable and dysfunctional, it usually survives any turmoil. The partners are sincere to each other, and that's what keeps them together.


Those who started dating in the sign of Taurus have a strong and stable relationship that is filled with passion and romance.  The only disadvantage about it is that the partners are too self-centered; they often neglect their friends and families.


Partners with the relationship started in Gemini are, before all else, great friends and excellent life companions. They both are very social and like going-outs; there is no place for jealousy in their relationship. But getting so consumed by their social life can cause them to drift apart eventually.



This relationship is romantic and tender; the partners can’t stand being apart for long. They both long for a big family with a lot of kids. The bad thing is their excessive mutual commitment because none of the wills go anywhere on their own.


The Leo relationship is full of passion and drama. At one point, partners would argue, at the other ardently making out. They want to be seen as perfectly harmonious couple, even if that's far from the truth. 

What Zodiac sign is your relationship? Find out how stars can affect your relationship


Secrecy and stability are the main characteristics of the relationship started in the sign of Virgo. A mutual desire for security and confidence is what keeps the partners together. Open and sincere communication, as well as avoidance of serious quarrels, is some of the advantages of this relationship. The partners enjoy intellectual conversations and watching movies. However, the relationship lacks the real passion, since the partners don't tend to express their emotions openly.


In this relationship, everything is about love. The partners enjoy cuddling and caressing; they always take care of the feelings and desires of each other. They are in love, but romantic dinners and long walks keep their passion burning. They won't be easily drawn into a quarrel, so the lack of sincerity and suppression of frustrations can cause problems.



Your relationship is very exciting and passionate overwhelmed with emotions. From the moment they met, the partners feel an intense sexual attraction that is the crucial factor in their relationship. If they are not tolerant, fierce quarrels, jealous outbursts and possessiveness can lead to a breakup.


The relationship started in the sign of cheerful Sagittarius is based on mutual respect and understanding. The partners are not burdened with suspicion or jealousy; they are not of those couples that go together everywhere. The main characteristics of their relationship are mutual freedom and independence.


This relationship may lack sensual and romantic moments, but it is stable and well-balanced, making the partners feel secure. They have a great respect for each other; they rarely argue and don't use emotional blackmail or manipulation. Every problem is solved fast and easily. They appreciate money and the security it provides. They need to put some effort in their love life, in order not to lose the closeness between them.


The Aquarius relationship could be described as a bit extraordinary and fascinating. It might seem that the partners don't suit each other, but in fact, they are a perfect couple. The absence of jealousy is an excellent basis for establishing the stable relationship. It could last for a very long time, providing they give each other some space. .


If you are romantic, tender and need love, this is an ideal relationship for you. The great love and affinity that the partners feel will build a deep and solid bond. This relationship will be romantic and dramatic sometimes, but at the core, both partners are going to cherish their love and won’t find it hard to sacrifice occasionally.


What Zodiac sign is your relationship? Find out how stars can affect your relationship