Position of Venus in horoscope: Main female planet and its influence

The position of Venus in women's horoscope is one of the most important determinants.

 It reveals what the ladies are like in love, what kind of men they like and if they forgive easily.

Venus in Aries

This is love at first sight or the first shot. She is daring, always desirable, her desire for life and emotions is contagious. But not everyone can follow her pace. She is very independent; she is good at controlling her emotions so that she doesn’t get hurt because she always remains true to herself no matter what. She is fiery, impulsive, with strong instincts and full of enthusiasm.

Venus in Taurus

She is sensual and gentle; she can love endlessly only if you deserve it. She strives for safe and comfortable love. Loyal, reliable and always there when you need her most. She cooks great, but when she’s angry be careful with what she's prepared for you.

Venus in Gemini

Forever teenager at heart. She can love but only as long as you play her game. Sometimes she plays with the feelings of others and is quite unstable but at the same time interesting. She has to learn to deepen the relationship, and not to make a crossword puzzle that’s impossible to solve out of every love relationship. She usually enters emotional relationship out of curiosity or because she stumbled upon someone’s sweet words of love.

Position of Venus in horoscope: Main female planet and its influence


Venus in Cancer

For her love are everything and people with Venus in Cancer strive for secure, warm love. They want a partner for life, who will take care of them and they have a strong maternal instinct. When they feel they are not loved they are prone to running away into a world of loneliness and depression. They often face the unconscious fear of staying alone. They have a strong memory; they can forgive, but they never forget anything.

Venus in Leo

She can't stay unnoticed; that is impossible. In love she is demanding, warm, generous and has a strong need to feel special. She is faithful as long as she has everything she wants with her loved one. She has high expectations and when love disappears she becomes indifferent. 


Position of Venus in horoscope: Main female planet and its influence