ARE YOU PREDESTINED FOR WEALTH AND POWER? Your name reveals it, and here’s how you’ll find out!

Your name and surname are something that marks you forever, and maybe that's the reason why you are not so good with money.

Ad the numbers of the letters of the name separately, and then add these two numbers, until you get a one-digit number, and check it out straight away.



1 - A, F, N, V

2 - B, G, X, Z

3 - C, H, O, Y

4 - W, I, P

5 - J, R

6 - D, K, S

7 - L

8 - T

9 - E, M, U






5 + 9 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 5 = 34


3 + 4 = 7




Number one tends always to be the first. These people try to do their job perfectly because they know that their self-esteem depends on it. They never rely on others and don’t count on someone else's help. They are more interested in work than acquiring capital.




They always have partners who help them get to the money. Their partner usually supports them, employs or provides them with conditions that will help realize their business potential. Potential of ‘two’ is most pronounced when they work in a group or a team.






These people, maybe the most, love money, but they get it very hard. However, if they manage to link their own business to entertainment, they won’t be short of it. The main characteristic is their creativity and willingness to work.

ARE YOU PREDESTINED FOR WEALTH AND POWER? Your name reveals it, and here’s how you’ll find out!




People with this number don’t get anything easy, and they always have to try hard. They also have to make incredible efforts for each success, as well as to give up fun for the sake of work. You will often hear them refuse the jobs they love, only because other jobs are better paid.






These persons are casual, and their highest earnings are expected on travel or abroad. ‘Fives’ are very flexible people who have good intuition. They also have the ability that helps them not to spend money where everyone else does.






These people need people who are like-minded and with whom they will connect. ‘Sixes’ achieve their greatest success through the family business. If they fail to find work with a close circle of people, they may spend their entire life in poverty.





The ‘Seven’ love the most when they reveal someone else's secrets, because they are good at it, and they can earn good money from it. They can forget about money just to be able to do those jobs they love and believe in. If their fate is such that they do not have to worry about finances, they will enjoy it completely.





To ‘eight’ it is most important to be well-paid for what they do. They are not only capable of making money, but they are also able to duplicate it. One of their main characteristics is that they know in what to invest and the money just multiplies.






‘Nine’ looks for jobs that will bring them quick, easy and big profit. Their main characteristic is impatience, which is a big obstacle for them to work and earn. If they realize that labor does not always have to pay off from the first, they will have a great chance to get rich.