Planet during which rule you were born REVEALS A LOT ABOUT YOU: Are you a child of Mercury, Mars or Venus?

Planets affect zodiac signs. While many people know what their zodiac sign is, very few know what is the planet that controls their sign.

SUN: It rules the sign of Leo. It is the greatest constant of the zodiac. Sun visits the same position every year. It is therefore used as a basis for calendars and measuring time.


The sign of Leo is connected to Sun. A person born in this sign thinks highly of himself, has a constant personality and is very fiery.


MOON: The sign of Cancer is ruled by Moon. The only sign of the zodiac that is visited by its ruler every month. Our tides, as well as many life cycles, are related to the Moon.


Cancer is a sign that is obsessed with safety. Those born in this sign love home, a sense of security and consistency, have intense intuition and love to mark their territory in the world.


MERCURY: It rules two signs, Gemini and Virgo. Mercury moves around the zodiac very quickly, so it is in the path around the sun in front of us, so it seems to be moving backward sometimes. Three periods of retrograde Mercury allow us to see our achievements, and it re-insert chaos into plans.


Those who are ruled by Mercury are therefore good in improvisation. Gemini uses dominant communication while Virgo uses the information and organization of Mercury. People born in the sign of Gemini learn to talk about what they think and feel in the best possible way. Virgos control their world and realizes hierarchies that only they understand.

Planet during which rule you were born REVEALS A LOT ABOUT YOU: Are you a child of Mercury, Mars or Venus?

VENUS: It rules art, beauty, and love. Venus moves in zodiac through 11 months, but in a two-year term there is a stretching period that is retrograde, and that can last for almost two months. This is a pause that inspires artists and shows love.


Venus is the muse of everything. It is the ruler of Libra and Taurus that have little in common, but their personalities reflect the two sides of the same coin of Venus. Taurus reflects the beauty of art, jewelry and food. Libra likes sophistication presented by the art world, the elegance of fashion and love expressions over a nice dinner.


MARS: The ‘muscular’ planet of action brings intensity wherever it is. Mars is twice a year in the Sun's circle, and during that time it's retrograde for several weeks, enough for a warrior in us to release his combat plans.


Mars is the ruler of the Aries, but also of Scorpio. Those born in these signs always move forward and have little time to think. Scorpio is a sign of intense dedication to victory, and it always demands loyalty.


JUPITER: The biggest planet in the solar system and the leader of all great things, expansions, and excesses. Jupiter needs 12 years to move through the zodiac, and in each sign, it will remain for a year.


Jupiter is the planet of Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius like to have fun and gamble while Pisces have great visions of life. Each of these signs reflects Jupiter and its nature. In ancient Rome, Jupiter was the king of all Gods.


SATURN: The only planet that rules two neighboring signs. It is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius. It takes Saturn about 28.5 years to go through a zodiac cycle, and it stays about two and a half years in every sign. It is the planet of limitations, and it is least visible to the bare eye from the Earth.

Capricorn and Aquarius are the opposite of Cancer and Leo. Capricorn is the sign of status and is seeking its place in the world. It is stubborn when the restrictions of the social conventions are visible. The Aquarius are lovers and people in crowds, mass media, and popular trends.


URANUS, NEPTUNE, AND PLUTO: Uranus was designated as the planet of revolution, and it was discovered during the French Revolution. It is the main ruler of Aquarius. Neptune was discovered in the mid-19th century and is seen as a great connection between photography and beverages, illusions and the birth of psychoanalysis. It is the main ruler of Pisces. Pluto was discovered in 1930 and is linked to secret sources of power, perfect to complete the sign of Scorpio.

Planet during which rule you were born REVEALS A LOT ABOUT YOU: Are you a child of Mercury, Mars or Venus?