Surfing on the Internet: What your zodiac sign prefer when surfing the Internet

Each person's character is determined to a large extent by a Zodiac sign, so it is not surprising that

every character has some of its rules and favorites when surfing the Internet.



Aries is interested in a healthy lifestyle and organic food, and also in a variety of complimentary things like videos with exercises. However, information will be collected, and Aries will disappear from the internet; he is still exciting to do everything in Live.



Taurus uses the Internet as an inspiration for new business ideas and information about performances, exhibitions and concerts. Taurus loves to cook; it is not surprising that his favorite pages are those full of delicious recipes.



Gemini is the sign that mostly texts with friends through all possible social networks, but also seek information relevant to the job, especially enjoying the sites with the latest technological gadgets.

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Cancer is a practical and on the internet is looking for tips for decorating and furnishing the house, and nothing less than Taurus is interested in the recipes that are for Sunday family lunch.



Leo loves to relax with games on the Internet, but sites for travel are their main fun. They love tips for healthy living and nutrition, and as far as work, they will hook into each interesting article about the economy and marketing.

Surfing on the Internet: What your zodiac sign prefer to 'Googling'?


From all Zodiac signs, Virgo mostly visits sites with the topics having hygiene and health, home and family, and online planners and tips for better organization is always open to them in at least one window. DIY is invented for them...



Libra will be lost in the vastness of the Internet seeking information on fashion, beauty and art, and the Internet serve as well as a source of music, films and series of which are simply dependent.



Scorpio visits… you guessed it, erotic content, but as Scorpio love conspiracy theories, in their bookmarks will be hundreds of pages of alternative medicine and paranormal activities.

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Sagittarius surfs without stopping because he is interested in absolutely everything. However, in the first place are entertainment and music, and how they love to travel, it is not surprising that they remember all relevant pages with excellent discounts for travel.



On the Internet Capricorn mostly search content related to the job that deals with, and moreover loves sites with DIY tips and other practical matters. But with Aries, he spends the least time online.



Of all signs, Aquarius is the most addicted to the Internet, because the Internet is a place where they feel at home - can find everything that interests them, and that's a lot.



Pisces like various themes, from astrology and dream interpretation to poetry and art, and especially enjoy the series and films. The need for companionship they meet on forums.

Surfing on the Internet: What your zodiac sign prefer to 'Googling'?