It is written on your face – Check who’s intelligent and who’s not?

It is written on your face – Check who’s intelligent and who’s not?

There is saying that says that it is possible to “read” a man from his face. It is obvious that the scientists were impressed by this fact since they tried to prove, through science,  that it is possible to find out what kind of person someone is by reading his face. Precisely, they wanted to know if the level of intelligence is “written” on a human face.

This is what scientists from the University of Prague found out.

It is possible to “read out” from the human face how intelligent a person is? Many people are intrigued by this question, but the Czech scientists decided to deal with a scientific part of this doubt.  ”” web portal brings the findings obtained through this research.

When speaking of males, the level of their intelligence is revealed by their facial lines.

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Led by Mr. Karel Kleisner, Czech psychologists and philosophers found out as follow: the (non)intelligence of male gender can be revealed by their facial lines.

When talking about females, it is interesting that the science confirmed that it is not possible to read the intelligence from their faces.

To be precise, it is possible to read it out even from the female face, but the average observer will not establish it because the only thing that he sees is the female attraction. More attractive women are perceived as more intelligent, but this is not a scientific fact, just an impression.

More intelligent people have narrow faces, thinner chins, larger and longer noses.

When talking about specific findings, Czech experts established that more intelligent people of both genders have small faces, smaller chins, bigger and longer noses.

On the contrary, large face, massive chin and smaller nose “talk” about lower intelligence quotient.

Three photos and drafts for each gender, attached to the article, talks about lower, middle and higher male and female quotient standards.

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We have already mentioned that the attraction has an effect on the perception of how intelligent a person is, although the scientists explain, that it is due to the “halo effect” - assessment of people based on the first impression.

It is written on your face – Check who’s intelligent and who’s not? 

It is written on your face – Check who’s intelligent and who’s not?

Among the conclusions, there is an interesting one: observers who took part in this study, evaluate a smiling face as more intelligent, unlike the scowl and grim one.

The same situation is with the trust. People have more confidence in a bright face. And this is what Karel Kleiser and his coworkers conclude: if you want to leave the impression as the intelligent and confident person, just smile.

It is written on your face – Check who’s intelligent and who’s not?

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