In which sign cold and mysterious mistresses are born, and in which fatal ones that ruin lives and marriages

Mistresses in the horoscope. See what horoscope can say about women who find themselves in the role of mistress and what you can expect from them.



A woman in the sign of Aries is a determined, direct and active lover if you won her heart or aroused her emotions. Otherwise, she can be cold and hostile and may give the impression that she doesn’t like men. She is an impeccable actress, charming, contradictory and very temperamental. Once she gets excited, she is an enraged tigress that can’t be tamed until she is pleased.




Representatives of this sign seize the attention of their environment with their appearance, very much aware of femininity that radiates from them. They are simply chic. Venus gave them the skill of seduction. If she wants to make a man interested, she simply directs her erotic antennas to him. It's enough to cross her legs magically ...




This woman is very intelligent and funny, born to conquer, although she is not particularly sensual. Men like her because she is very charming and unpredictable. To her man it will look as if he’s going out with a different girl every night ... as though the entire harem is in her, she always looks ahead, always eager for a challenge.




She is mysterious, attractive, inconspicuous like her guardian the Moon. She is among the most dangerous Zodiac seducers. Imaginative, fascinating and unpredictable, she gives her best the moment she is sure of her partner’s love. Sometimes childish, silly, sometimes too serious and melancholic, she manages to show many different feelings in just one moment.




Woman Leo is sure of herself, always shining, glowing, sensual, but somewhat masculine. When she enters a room, it is impossible not to notice her. She makes an appearance with the strength and dignity of a queen, even when she goes to the market. She is passionate, dramatic, generous and enigmatic. Men lose their head over her whatever she may be like.

In which sign cold and mysterious mistresses are born, and in which fatal ones that ruin lives and marriages



Woman Virgo doesn’t get confused easily, she, in every circumstance, stands firmly on her feet. She is one of those for which we can say: watch, but do not touch! (up to a certain moment). She can’t stand haste, impatience, and superficiality. Only after a man fulfills her conditions will she begin to open like a flower and overcome her suspicions.




Woman Libra will surely win every man at the first encounter. Her beautiful face can’t be unnoticed, and with her graceful walk and pleasant voice, she will attract the attention of her environment. Consciously or not, she seduces everyone around her. And she enjoys it. Her trump card is sophistication in behavior that is not lost even in intimacy. Since Venus, the goddess of love rules her sign, she is skilled in the art of love.




Here are fatal seducers! She has a fire in her heart and passion in her blood. It's all extreme with her, from love to hate. Who wants to win her just needs to show her strong feelings. She certainly won’t retreat. She has a strong temperament, she's very feminine, seductive, but she’s also too possessive and jealous, which can burden a man who is less passionate than her.




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This is a very spiritual woman, a philosopher. She is simple, open, cordial and confidential. She is considered a female Don Juan of the Zodiac. She easily gives in to the charms of healthy and communicative eros. She is fascinating, extremely fierce and a somewhat wild mistress. The only risk that exists there is an exaggeration; her giving in to passions is so strong that it may seem simply unstoppable.




It's hard for many men to get her. They are tormented by her reservedness and coldness, but this is just a cover for extremely powerful emotions. She needs a man who will understand her and who will encourage the expression of all those powerful feelings that exist in her soul.




Free-minded, elusive, slightly eccentric, Aquarius woman is a fascinating combination of strength and constant surprises. As soon as you start to think you finally understand her, she shows a new face. At the same time, she is wise and ultimately childish, smart and harmless, devoted and distant. The supremacy she expresses derives solely from her mind. She is in a much better relationship with her mind than with the body, so one can freely say that her brain is the strongest erogenous zone...




Due to exalted Venus, woman Pisces is more than a lover. She's a hundred-percent woman. It's impossible to figure her out because she is Neptune's daughter. There is no man she can’t win if she wants to. She simply hypnotizes the man she likes with her look. Feminine, dreamer, sophisticated, cordial, but also capricious, distant and elusive. Her feelings are deep, and that's why superficial, short-term relationships are not something she is interested in. She likes to be conquered with romance.

In which sign cold and mysterious mistresses are born, and in which fatal ones that ruin lives and marriages