Horoscope reveals important information: How to survive Saturn if you’re approaching thirty

Is your 30th birthday getting close? Then this is the text you must read as soon as possible.

Saturn is known as the greatest sage and most demanding teacher in the entire planetary constellation. This planet represents time, discipline, security, and sobriety, and at the moment that is exactly what it requires of you. Namely, every 29 and a half years this planet makes a full circle around the Sun, positioning itself directly to the place where it was at the time of your birth.


Like a spiritual master, Saturn pulls the carpet beneath your feet and shakes up what used to be a comfortable world until that point, urging you to put your finger on your forehead and think about all the previous decisions you made and the actions that you took.


Reexamining and thinking about whether you have lived so far as you really wanted, whether everything you did was worth the effort, or maybe the time has come to get up and do your best finally, are just some of the deep and serious topics that will preoccupy all those who this year turns 30.


Of course, this is definitely a period in life in which most of us generally think about such topics, regardless of how the planets affect us.

Horoscope reveals important information: How to survive Saturn if you’re approaching thirty

These are the years when we think about starting a family or deciding to take that step, when we focus on career, or we generally decide to put things in their place, but what all the future thirty-year-olds need to know is that Saturn is there to take them by the collar and shake them, and depending on their sign, it will do so visibly, with or without delay.


The greatest influence will be felt by Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra, the signs in which the influence of this planet is emphasized, and the least with the Cancer, Leo, and Aries.


Do I really love my job? Do I get as much as I can? Do I really have anything in common with my friends? Is it time to start a family? Maybe I should move abroad? Should I put an end to this relationship?


These are just some of the serious questions that will torture all thirty-year-olds who will experience a specific identity crisis, and as stated above, this feeling will be even stronger (or weaker) depending on the Saturn's influence in their sign.

Saturn is a difficult teacher, but his lessons are remembered forever, and that is precisely his goal, to make you wiser for your own good. Not to ever forget these lessons.

On the other hand, the non-astrological side, the fact is that in this period women may have it more difficult, because the fact that they’re turning 30 in today's society is still a very important number that implies achievement, especially in the field of maternity, because not even the science is on their side as they approach this ruthless number - the biological clock is ticking louder and faster.


Expectations are greater than ever, and Saturn is there to make the situation more difficult and torments you with a self-examination that takes you to the state of apathy.


And as painful as it may be, it is exactly what should happen and what you should survive now!


Don’t try to escape the ‘great’ thoughts that occupy you over and over again, don’t run away from decisions that you have to make, have the courage to look the truth in the eye and face your demons that are haunting you, and that you’ve been successfully avoiding for a while.


Don’t look for cheap and easy fun to turn your thoughts away. They will come back and burn you, much more than the first time they appeared.


Re-examine yourself, make a decision, turn the new page, cut everything!


Saturn is there to help you be more courageous, to be daring and not regret later, but to congratulate yourself on courage. If a moment is right for things to change once and for all, then this is it.


It may be hard, but you can be sure that the decisions you are making now will not be those that will later return to bite you, but those for which you will thank yourself for the seriousness and maturity that you had at that moment.


Horoscope reveals important information: How to survive Saturn if you’re approaching thirty