We have a very exciting period ahead of us...


You have another winter which teaches you patience ahead of you. In some moments you may be losing it, but you learn through malefic planets, even though the hard way.

Satisfaction from other people will mean a lot because that is what is most important to you and you use it as a mirror, so you can often ask the question, what am I like. Negative comments can derail you, so now that you know all this, don’t give in and keep talking with people on this subject. Prepare yourself by reading this text. Preparing yourself in time leads to new victories, so skip these obstacles as soon as possible in the first days of upcoming winter.

You will have pronounced intuition, and you may be changing your philosophical attitudes because you required a big change for a while.

Pay attention to your blood pressure.



This earth sign has a lot of work at the beginning of winter, later they socialize and have fun more. The primary thing for this sign in the period ahead of us is that they will have more work than usual. In the field of love, which is very pronounced with Taurus, there can be a great love story. It can happen that they fall in love so much that they will lose their head because they will meet a person who can be fatal for them.

Only Saturn can get the situation in balance here and not allow glorification of something that is not strong. 

There is a big test coming, so get ready to pass it.

Socializing is very important to you this winter certainly, so use your vacation to have a good time in the selected circle of people.



You are facing a little worse period because your planet Mercury has bad 'dignity'. All those jokes and stories won't pass with the people in your surrounding anymore. You need a big wake-up call. You've already had such aspects and it's nothing new for you.

Full fifth field reminds you that you are not alone and that you can expect support from your partner. Many of you can't stay for long in one place and you simply must have some sort of hobby until you see where it is taking you. It can help you in that path of cognition and I claim that you will be even able to earn some money out of these activities without problem.

Smile and you will attract positive things into your life. You won't even remember the bad choices from the previous period. You deserve to get satisfaction for what you do.



I'm under the impression that the other side, that is your partner, still makes you 'gloomy' and that it reflects in your field of work. You have to learn how to deal with challenges ahead of you and understand that you don't have to introspect yourself, but simply to change some things.  

You have excellent ideas that you can use in this winter period.

Beware of a younger male who could create a bad atmosphere in your home by his actions which are not worth considering.

Also, take care of your parents because they can have serious health problems. It won't be hard to you because you are dedicated and you take care of your family.



A good period for strong emotional relationships is ahead of you. First you will fall in love, and then you'll start working with full capacities on a business plan.

Of course, there will be an opportunity to spend the days during weekends in a royal manner, the way you know how.

The beginning of the year brings you more money because it's payback time, which of course goes in your favor.

You have to beware of violent outbursts of one man. You certainly won't allow that because you will see certain things in time. 

Maybe you will suddenly want to travel somewhere. It would be best to do it that way because planning doesn't get you anything special.

You will stay authentic in your decisions. 



You may be very lucky in the field of finances. The gain in this field is certain.

You will have brilliant ideas and your sharp mind can bring you great success in the business field, especially if you run a private business. Your entrepreneurial spirit is very strong, so new ideas will certainly come. 

There will be plenty of surprises that your partner is preparing for you. You have a good characteristic, to passionately complete tasks without being pressured by deadlines. This is your biggest secret that others usually tend to copy.

One thing is a copy, and another the original which can be perfectly identified in your story.



During winter period you will want to enjoy food more than usual so you will be more motivated for earning money. Your second field is very emphasized which speaks for what we previously said.

Advice to you is to take care of you diet and not eat absolutely everything on your plate because you may gain a couple of extra pounds.

You are completely focused on business so you can expect more favorable situation there that you could take advantage of. Aspect in that segment says that you are especially directed towards something you have been expecting for long, so you can have great ideas that you can turn into something very useful.



Your sign has very challenging aspects. You will have more energy than usual, so it would be good for you to prefer winter sports. Closed space is not recommended for the following period.

You will be irresistible to the opposite sex. It is possible you will have a secret love affair. Your mind will be haunted by a person from the neighbourhood or somebody close to you.

Minor problems with finances because Saturn creates such energy in the field of money, especially for you. It will all pass, so learn how to deal with this energy because it may repeat in its cycle.

You are turning to home and family very protectively because you are afraid that things are not completely fine. You can free yourself from this role without worrying because you are predestined to take care more of financial than family obligations during this period.



You are listening to intuition more about how to earn money. It will serve you well for this winter period.

Sometimes it feels as if the situation which you are going through is not so pleasant, but than, that optimistic spirit that no other zodiac sign has prevails.

I must warn you of the existence of possible secret enemies who will want a  piece of your cake. Jealous rivals will be trying to outsmart you, so if you lose sometimes, take it as another challenge.



Starting with February you will tend to round up things in your life. You will have beneficent energy so that you will have more elan and optimism than usual. Use that in a productive way because that way you will reduce tensions in your surrounding.

Topics which will be most frequent are the clients' money or money of some other people because you may have exquisite satisfaction from your clients through work.

Warning in the field of health motivates you not to neglect that segment of your horoscope because you have the possibility to deal with it personally in this winter period. All decisions depend only on you.



What is actual with you is the possibility of gaining money through friends and frequent socializing. You may also have support from your bosses, especially through a man who is very successful in his business. He will transfer his skills to you in order to take a good position at work quickly.

Try to achieve this too because each decision does not depend on anybody else, but exclusively on you.

Love subjects are coming to the menu later in your life because there are priorities. 



Sign of eternal secret will have to wait for a little for some important things, and at the moment, they can rest so that they get ready for new victories.

It is possible that in a while you will have the opportunity to earn money through somebody abroad, and you are certainly connected to that field which influences your finances directly.

You will lack nothing, but you need to work out a good plan in order to get to success. Of course, the money from clients in this first period will come too because you are harvesting fruits from business ventures from the previous period.