LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR DECEMBER: With New Year new LOVE arrives for these signs!

To whom the Sun will set and to whom it will rise?



Thanks to a harmonious aspect of Mars with Saturn, you will successfully deal with your explosive temperament and thus avoid a couple of very bad situations in the first half of this month. You are irresistibly attractive, and your sex appeal and striking personality leave no one indifferent. Play that card.




Everything is subordinate to enjoyment, although around 6th you may slightly overdo it. On some occasions during the following period, your loyalty may be put on a test. Unfortunately, not many of you will pass this maturity test. There are very few who will be given a chance to take the test again, the rest will be alone. With the new year comes new love.




During whole December you will feel as if you are on stage and one of the most sought people in all social and private gatherings. Make a list of obligations and priorities so that you don’t miss something. Before sending a text or email, make sure you are really sending it to the right person.





You are filled with positive energy and optimism for no particular reason. You can successfully transfer your mood to others so in December you will be the most popular person. You can feel the lack of energy around 19th, but you will recover very quickly because Venus and Sun enter your seventh field, marking unforgettable New Year.





The upcoming period is full of festivities, celebrations, and social events and it will make you feel like you are on a stage in the main and only role. Around 20th, your enthusiasm and self-confident attitude can be shaken by a poor assessment of the situation, but you will still find the way out thanks to your charm and sweet talk.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR DECEMBER: With New Year new LOVE arrives for these signs!



Your agenda is still full. You have set for yourself so many goals that it is incredible how you manage to find time for private life. Thanks to retrograde Mercury, you have the advantage over other Zodiac signs, and you use this skillfully. Time for romance, love, and enjoyment comes after the 24th, and by then you should complete all your obligations.




From the 10th you lower your guard and give in to your current obligations, and the pre-holiday euphoria and mania of spending can make a serious hole in your budget. The arrival of some of your dear people and encounters with friends will make this month very pleasant and will take you back to some moments of early youth and carefree childhood.




Mars and Jupiter in your constellation give you an unprecedented amount of self-confidence and desire to realize personal plans regardless of the circumstances and opinions of other people. A good period for earning money and beginning of any kind. Still, you are a spiritual being, and you must not forget your esoteric side.




Charming as only you can be, you will be at the center of attention wherever you appear. Three personal planets in your constellation, leaving Saturn, plus a pre-holiday, New Year's euphoria will color this month with a special magic. Be careful not to lose the ground beneath your feet and plunge yourself into the world of imagination too much. A lot of new acquaintances await you, and some old friendships can be successfully restored.




You can be lonely, sad and a little pathetic until 21st, and then your time comes. This time the period of Saturn will be honored with the presence of Saturn itself in your sign, and you will become at least in the next month the most privileged person of the Zodiac.




Your micro world is extremely stable and protected, intuition keeps you in the right direction, but it also makes you review some of your plans and decisions when it comes to your career. A great opportunity for earning and accepting new responsibilities arrives on December 17th. From the 21st you will be especially romantic, vulnerable and sad, you will like loneliness.




Your creative potential and superior intelligence can’t come to the fore if you are locked in a house. You can get a lot of things from this period, but it is necessary to get out into the light of the day and present your skills in the best possible way. New Year's Eve will have a special significance for you.

LOVE HOROSCOPE FOR DECEMBER: With New Year new LOVE arrives for these signs!