Communication according to horoscope: You have to be direct with Aries, Taurus likes oiliness...

Do you feel as if the cat got your tongue when he is around? Do you feel misunderstood?

Does it seem that your partner is not listening to you? Mercury, the one in charge when it comes to communication, is the fastest planet in the Solar system, and it really likes to enable rapid changes.

Arians are pretty childish when it comes to communication. They often say things that other adults wouldn't approve of. They are utterly honest and don't intend to hurt anyone. When you communicate with Aries, the best way to do it is direct. They can handle the truth and prefer others to be straightforward and not to beat around the bush.

Taureans perfectly read between lines. They can imagine how something looks, smells, tastes or sounds, so that the message will be understood correctly. If you want to attract their attention you have to be eloquent and silver-tongued. Sweet, gorgeous, fabulous are some of the words that will certainly arouse their interest and cause them to focus on you.

They highly appreciate a keen sense of humor, so you should include it in your everyday communication. Gemini people like the complexity of language; they live, listen and speak led by a Shakespearian quote 'Brevity is the soul of wit.' So, take care of the word choice when communicating with Gemini. Say precisely what you want with a certain dose of humor and they will be yours.


They always seem to 'read' that emotional tone of a message, giving your words more meaning than they actually consist. So it is important to concentrate when you want to communicate with Cancer paying the attention to your tone. Bear in mind that an e-mail or SMS is not a good way to attract a Cancer, who want to see and hear the person he communicates with.

Leos want every communication to be fun; 'a cat' in them is naturally inclined to do great efforts to attract the attention. They tend to exaggerate, and they will sometimes extremely enlarge or minimize the details just to cause the most dramatic effect.  Keep that in mind and be prepared.

Communication according to horoscope: You have to be direct with Aries, Taurus likes oiliness...

They will highly regard your accuracy. Pay attention to your diction, grammar and choose the words that can impress. Don't forget that Virgos are very meticulous individuals. They want to know what your point is or is there a hidden message in your words. Being very occupied, they want fast, clear and detailed communication. So be prepared to be short and precise when you want to communicate with a Virgo.

Libra is the embodiment of tact and diplomacy. You don't have to address them as they were noble, but you should know that good manners are very important to them.  So, be polite and well-mannered and a Libra is yours.

Scorpios want nothing but the truth. If they get an unclear message, that will alarm them. They are very perceptive, and they can detect a lie better than a polygraph. So, when communicating to Scorpios tell only the truth; you don't need to pick the words that are nice to hear.


They enjoy relaxing conversation, so omit the boring details. His Fire sign will rather hear an interesting story than true and accurate one. They don't like long conversations, so don't be offended if they would rather explore the nature than talk to you. Anyway, if you add some interesting details to you story, even fictional ones, a Sagittarius is yours.

They want to know in advance what is the point of your conversation. Their brain is business oriented which can sometimes cause them to be professional about the private matters. Capricorns can become nervous if a conversation is long and boring because they are more into action than into conversation.

Aquarians will be happy to talk to you; they will lead an interesting chat that may, but doesn't have to have a point. Being creative and open-minded they bring the conversation to a higher level.  Moreover, they are great listeners that can easily find a way to connect with others, whether they have something in common or not.

They adore etheric and spicy conversations that can be very confusing to those who are more into a practical approach. Pisces may be very poetic as well but in a pretty unclear way. They don't care that makes sense or not. If you are a poetic soul, that may lead you to Pisces.

Communication according to horoscope: You have to be direct with Aries, Taurus likes oiliness...