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Venus in Virgo

Here’s the smart girl. She may not have heard that love is blind and is a bit silly. But she is persistent and willing to sit down with her loved one and go together through unread lessons. She is willing to work on her love relationship if she is certain that it is the real thing. She wants a serious relationship straight away, and she’s thinking why should she fall in love if it is not safe. Due to this, while looking for or waiting to stumble on a real man she misses her chances.

Venus in Libra

Now this is a real woman, elegant and charming. Mild-tempered, gentle, warm and always helpful to others. She is not flexible enough and when she gets disappointed she can go to the extremes. She has a good taste and tendency to art. She is emotional and she doesn’t hide her emotions but at the same time she is very vulnerable. These are women with good manners, not superficial at all and at the same time perfect wives and also perfect lovers.

Venus in Scorpio

And now a hot woman who holds all the cards in her hands. There is no fooling around with her. She accepts all or nothing when she loves it's very intense and deep. She is fearless and when she’s threatened or when she feels that someone might take her prey, she becomes very possessive and jealous. She doesn’t talk much about herself, but she is a great detective, so she can easily find out everything about the person she likes. She is extreme in all her loves, she either loves or avenges. Emotions are important to her but passion plays the biggest part.


Venus in Sagittarius

She is a cool woman, restless and with adventurous nature. She is confusing from time to time, and is in conflict with peaceful love life (although this doesn't last long), and has a desire for freedom. With her, desire for conquering new realms and gaining new experiences increases with years. She is always in the mood for having a good time, she's a good friend, knows how to flirt and is proud of her openness.

Venus in Capricorn

Here we see the need, desire, longing for unconditional love that will last forever, that is, until the end. True love lasts. If things get tough and you start feeling unloved, discontented, cold, these people remain loyal to the family, marriage, to a nice but fake image of the harmonious family for a long time. They don't want to betray their close ones, but at the same time they are not willing to risk entering something new.

Venus in Aquarius

Best friend, interesting and very easy to handle if you give her space. She is open to the future, doesn’t like traditional love but is turned to modern trends in emotions. She doesn’t like rules, she’s provocative, and she enjoys relaxed and unusual relationships. When you try to limit her in any way, you can only stop and watch as she slowly moves away. 

Venus in Pisces

Woman you just need to love unconditionally and nothing else. Dreamer, very charming, moody, unusual and soft hearted. Sentimental, loyal and willing to do anything for the person she cares for. She has subtle character and refined feelings. Emotions lead her through life, but she hides them because she is shy and unobtrusive. She lives in a world where dreams and reality intertwine. She longs for love and is dependent upon emotional and sexual life.


The position of Venus in women's horoscope

The position of Venus in women's horoscope