Entertaining marine horoscope: What does it look like when 12 signs of the Zodiac meet on vacation

Entertaining marine horoscope: What does it look like when 12 signs of the Zodiac meet on vacation

Hot summer, 90 F in the shade, and you...

Come on, you're free to fill in. What does it look like when 12 signs of the Zodiac meet on vacation. Who won't get out of the water, and who only wants to pose in a swimsuit?

During the trip: Aries is getting nervous because of not traveling faster, Virgo because of the crumbs that appeared after Scorpio secretly ate a sandwich. Sagittarius put his sunglasses off, took flip-flops off and propped his bare feet on the seat in front of him which made Cancer cry. Gemini has already changed few statuses on Facebook: 'We are about to leave’, ‘We are leaving', 'We are travelling', 'Scorpio's eating, cancer's crying, Aries is getting o my nerves'...


Libra is taking care not to crease his clothes, and kindly asks Taurus to move away his chocolate bar and juice, s/he don't want his/hers shorts to get stained. Leo is waving all the way long; because s/he is sure that everyone is watching him.  Capricorn is counting how much money they can spend on a daily basis while Aquarius is putting on a diving mask. Pisces is sleeping. 

"Thank God, we arrived", Gemini writes a new Facebook status. Aquarius likes. Aries is already in the sea. Scorpio has occupied the bathroom, which is why Libra is complaining in front because he has to change his clothes and fix his hair. Virgo suffers a nervous breakdown, since the apartment is in a complete mess and nobody even unpacked yet. Sagittarius went sight-seeing, Taurus to get some fish for dinner. Cancer is making soup for everybody.

Capricorn is counting money again and bargain with the landlord. Leo is on the balcony, posing. Pisces has just waked up and is thinking about the meaning of life.

"Hurrah, we're at the beach", Gemini uploads a photo on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on which:  Virgo is under an enormous hat, holding a sun protection cream SPF 50 in one hand, Cancer is wrapped up in a cartoon characters towel, Libra poses in a swimsuit the value of a used car.

Leos shows his perfect figure, Pisces can't be seen from his oversized camera, Sagittarius makes funny face, Scorpio turned his back and forbade Gemini to tag him, Aquarius has a diving mask and fins on, Capricorn has 3 books under his arm, Taurus is eating an ice-cream, Aries is not in the photo, and he swam 200 yards away.


"Party Night," Gemini tweets but doesn't upload the photo, since all, apart from Virgo, got sunburns. Taurus turned on the grill while Leo claims he can do it better. Scorpio invited whole neighborhood to the party; Scorpio doesn't like that, and he frowns in a corner. Cancer provides plates for everyone and offers fruit.

Libra is in his best suit asking Pisces to take pictures of him in every pose possible. Aquarius proposes that everybody take diving or underwater fishing course. Capricorn counts whether it's worth it. Aries went for a night swim.


Entertaining marine horoscope: What does it look like when 12 signs of the Zodiac meet on vacation

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