Find out what kind of man is destined to you according to horoscope

Have you ever told a friend: ‘He is such a great man! He has a lot of traits that I love and respect, like with my father.

I'm sure he will be a great partner ... but I'm simply not attracted to him?’

There is often a difference between attraction to someone due to their good qualities and the one, more significant, lasting passion and love.

Why is this so?

See what answers your horoscope gives:

In a female chart, Sun is the best ‘traditional’ indicator of the type of man woman sees as her life partner, potential father of her children; male image she can relate to.

Mars indicates the type of man she wants.

The place where your Sun is located is your main sign, and you know that for sure... If you want to know what kind of man you really want, find out in which sign is Mars in your horoscope.

12 signs in which Sun and Mars can be located:

After you find out where your Mars is, take a look at description that talks about qualities of a man who will attract you as a romantic partner (Sun, your primary sign) and the type of man that suits you most for intimate, love, passionate relationship (Mars, see calculator at link above).

If you have Sun or Mars in Aries:

You are attracted to a brash, brave and direct man. He has great energy, so he is probably impulsive and impatient (like you). He is attractive because he enjoys the adventure.

You are attracted to strong man or sport, ‘macho’ type. You are aggressive, and that is why you like a man who loves competition and challenges.

If you have Sun or Mars in Taurus:

You are attracted to a sensual man with a strong will, a man who stands firmly on his feet, enjoys fine pleasures and comforts of life. He is grateful for good food and music. You are attracted by his scent, or you may find that his voice excites you.

You have a strong will, sensual pleasure is important to you and you want a strong, healthy man full of patience.


If you have Sun or Mars in Gemini:

Communication is very important to you and that’s why you are attracted to a man who is good and witty interlocutor. You want a man who intellectually stimulates you and awakens your curiosity that ignites the spark of romantic interest in him.

His mind is what excites you - not his appearance. Since you enjoy freedom, you are often attracted to more men. Juggling between two relationships may be exciting.

TRUE LOVE IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Find out what kind of man is destined to you according to horoscope

If you have Sun or Mars in Cancer:

You are attracted to a sensitive man with whom you feel emotionally and financially  secure. You are attracted to a man who you (unconsciously) perceive as a father figure or consciously see as ‘father of your children’.

The man who unconsciously seeks his mother can also be attractive to you. He is particularly attractive if he cooks and wants a nice, comfortable home. Your attraction is the strongest when a man is sensitive, it makes you feel protected and safe.

If you have Sun or Mars in Leo:

The man who radiates warmth, confidence and charisma excites you. He is generous and is not afraid to show his gentle side. He is particularly attractive if he is the creative type (actor, artist, musician), or a leader in some way. You like a certain amount of drama he possesses.

Since you are a princess, you expect him to behave as a romantic prince would. You want a man who admires you and who praises you (and never criticizes you). If he’s giving you this royal treatment, future with you is secured.

If you have Sun or Mars in Virgo:

You are attracted to practical, reliable man who stands firmly on earth, who is intelligent and well-mannered, especially the one who is neat and clean. When you meet a man, you will probably check his clothes, shoes (and see whether his fingernails are clean).

Since you are a perfectionist, you are attracted to a man you can ‘fix’ and make him even more than perfect. You expect him to behave well in public, preferring to await you behind closed doors to show you his lust, his earthly side.

If you have Sun or Mars in Libra:

You are attracted to a charming, polite and elegant man who speaks well, especially if he also looks good and dresses well. He enjoys socializing and appreciates culture and art.

You are excited by romantic gestures (flowers) or beauty (man with great stature). That is what puts you in the mood for love and romance.

If you have Sun or Mars in Scorpio:

You are magnetically attracted to a man who (like you) seem secretive, intense, especially if he looks mighty and dangerous. You have a strong will, you are possessive and like control, therefore you like these same characteristics in men.

You are emotionally aroused by a romantic relationship with someone you can engage in psychological battle for control that can lead to a deep sexual relationship.

If you have Sun or Mars in Sagittarius:

You are attracted to moral, honest man with high ideals - and even more if he is a teacher or spiritual leader. With men, a good sense of humor is important to you. You want honesty, friendship and fun in a relationship.

You want to share adventures or philosophical debates, you especially like it if you can ‘be friends’. Since you are attracted to men of different cultures, a foreigner may cause a rush of lust.

If you have Sun or Mars in Capricorn:

You are attracted to an ambitious man (who may be much older or younger than you). Since you are a woman who lives by the motto ‘show-me-the-money’,  you are attracted by wealth, status and power, and you will probably rather choose a man with a steady career than a poor man who looks good.

You are only interested in serious romantic partners with whom you can see yourself in the future. Even though it may be hard for you to show feelings, once you commit to someone, behind closed doors, you show your lustful side.

If you have Sun or Mars in Aquarius:

You are attracted to a man who is intellectually interesting, open-minded, ready to experiment, but who can also be a friend. You find him exciting because he seems so unconventional and even unpredictable.

You are intrigued by him because he is an idealist and a rebel. You are original, and sometimes unpredictable, and therefore you are not interested in boring men who seem rigid.


If you have Sun or Mars in Pisces:

You are attracted to a man who is at the same time romantic and sensitive, and often a dreamer. If he seemed a little lost and confused at first glance, you will find it intriguing. This can result in attraction to a man who needs to be saved, or a man who hopes to be your savior.

As a hopeless romantic, you dream of ‘knight in shining armor’, who comes into your life and swipes you off your feet. Behind closed doors, you are sensual and willing to make all his fantasies come true.

TRUE LOVE IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS: Find out what kind of man is destined to you according to horoscope