HOROSCOPE reveals whether you are a SERIAL KILLER: Astrology knows if you're a maniac!

Horoscope and natal chart represent the draft of our destiny.

How much of it will actually come true, what will we become and what qualities we're going to develop depends only on us. Nothing is carved in stone.

However, there are horoscope signs that are more prone than others to choose the dark side in life.

See how likely is it for you to become a serial killer according to your horoscope sign and what known and convicted murderers were born in your sign.


If you were born in the sign of Aries, beware. Your ambitions can lead you to some completely unhealthy behavior patterns. You are prone to adopting destructive habits and fixation. At least 7 of known serial killers were born in your sign. Among them:

Wayne Boden 'Vampire rapist' : 3 victims

Joseph Franklin 'Racist killer': 7-22 victims

Keith Jespersen 'Killer with the smiley face': 8 victims

Paul 'Casanova' Knowles: 18-35+ victims

Herbert Mullin: 13 victims

Charles 'Snake' Sobhraj: 12+ victims

You will admit that this is quite a number of victims, but it's not the biggest. Aries are the first on the list of horoscope signs, but it's not the sign with the biggest number of victims.  It's there at the top, but it's not the worst.


Among Taurus there aren't too many serial killers, but the number of their victims is really frightening. The Taurus usually live lives of model citizens, but when they lose it there are truly terrible consequences.

Known serial killers in the sign of Taurus:

H. H. 'Doctor tormentor' Holmes: the first serial killer in America. It is estimated that the number of his victims was between 9 and 200! He was very good at hiding the bodies and evidence. Since he was the first, there was no one with the necessary experience and methods to carry out the proper investigation.

Martha Beck 'Lonely hearts killer': 3-17 victims

Albert Fish 'Moon maniac': 3-9+ victims

Amy Archer-Gilligan: 10-50 victims

Earle 'Gorilla' Nelson: 22+ victims

You noticed that when it comes to the Taurus, women are as cruel as their male 'colleagues'.


Gemini are at the top of the list with the number of serial killers. Among them there are even 12 most notorious. These are mainly disturbed personalities, many of whom lived double lives. Out of known serial killers here are:

Son of Sam (David Berkowitz), Hillside Strangler (Kenneth Bianchi), even the Cannibal from Milwaukee himself (Jeffrey Dahmer). There are also:

Richard Chase 'Vampire from Sacramento': 7 victims

John Collins: 1-7+ victims

Peter Kürten ' Dusseldorf Vampire': 9+ victims

Leonard Lake: 11-25 victims

Danny Rolling 'Gainesville Ripper': 8 victims

Arthur Shawcross 'Genesee River Killer': 14 victims

Peter Sutcliffe 'Yorkshire Ripper': 9+ victims

Wayne Williams 'Atlanta Child Murderer': 23-29 victims

Robert Lee Yates: 16 victims

You can see for yourself, when a Gemini decides to commit a crime, he has no mercy but also no reason. Considering the number of crimes committed by persons born in this zodiac sign, we can conclude that the Gemini have a bad temper. They are like a moving time bomb walking around masked as your neighbor, pharmacist, cashier, banker, friend. However, you definitely don't want to be around them when they explode. Too often, mister Hyde entirely blocks the good doctor Jekyll.


Cancer may seem helpless, vulnerable and innocent, but don't let looks fool you. Among Cancers there are even four most notorious serial killers in the world, and the number of their victims is not small. There is Genene Jones who left behind between 2 and 60 deaths. With Cancer you never know where you stand. They are extremely moody and can explode in a second and make a mess.

Most famous serial killers in the sign of Cancer are also:

John Reginald Christie 'Rillington Monster': 8 victims

 Gary Heidnik: 2+ victims

Carl Panzram: 5-22+ victims

 HOROSCOPE reveals whether you are a SERIAL KILLER: Astrology knows if you're a maniac!

Cancers rarely decide to commit a crime, thanks to a very high level of empathy and humanity, they rarely cross the limit of normal, lawful. However, once they step onto the dark side of the Moon, they become thirsty for blood. Still, they are quite far from being declared as a sign inclined to murders. Just the opposite. Tears are still their number one weapon. The chances are they will bore you to death, rather than hit you. But still, sleep with one eye open on the nights of the full Moon.



Leos are too busy sunbathing, partying and enjoying themselves to go around killing people. Still, there are even three known serial killers among them. These are:

Anthony Sowell 'Cleveland Strangler': 11+  victims

Myra Hindley 'Moors murderer': 5  victims

John Haigh 'Acid murderer': 6-9  victims

You notice that when Leo starts killing, it can't be an ordinary murder. He has to show his dominance over the victim until the end. He lives for leaving his mark and imprint in this world, even if it's through a fingerprint on the neck of the unfortunate victim. Personal, cruel and imaginative – Leo kills with a plan, practically and with a cool head. But don't worry too much, after dark most of the Leos prefer going to karaoke, rather than making an ambush in a dark alley.

Horoscope and natal chart represent the draft of our destiny.

HOROSCOPE reveals whether you are a SERIAL KILLER: Astrology knows if you're a maniac!