HOROSCOPE: These three signs will be crazy in love in March, they will fall in love like never before

HOROSCOPE: These three signs will be crazy in love in March, they will fall in love like never before

To love and be loved is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and to certain members of Zodiac the stars will be more than inclined when it comes to this matter during the first month of spring. Find out whether you are among the lucky ones who will feel the magical influence of Venus which is entering the sign of Pisces on March 12. 



With Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune, plus the solar eclipse in the house of love and passion of Scorpio, it isn't hard to predict what major events will be going on during March. Expect romance and sensuality, flirts, glances and similar. You will have the opportunity to meet a new love. So if we take into account the solar eclipse, you can expect anything! Be careful, don't spend too much on going out, winning someone over and fun. Love and money don't come together in this period. If you are in a serious relationship and you are sure that is what you want, avoid getting involved in affairs! It would be too risky. 


Venus, the planet of love, remains in Aquarius until March 12. Enjoy these magical days! Love is in the air, your art of seduction is powerful and you achieve harmony in love life. The period from 15. to 20. March isn't bad either. That is when Venus is set in Pisces and it breathes the same romantic air as the ruler of the house of relationships of Aquarius, Sun, which is also set in Pisces. Additionally, with influence on love, these two planets intensify preoccupation of the second solar house: value, goods and money. So, no matter how strong the love is, you will be focused on the material aspect of life. That can mean that you share a material interest with your partner. Love situation in March will be influenced by communication and traveling.



March is your month, regarding all fields, including the one of love. To get started with, this is the period in which you radiate, receive warmth, energy and passion from the Sun which will be in Pisces until March 20. Furthermore, Mercury is entering your sign on March 5. Mercury is the ruler of the house of pairs of Pisces and it will be in reception with Jupiter (which is exactly in the house of pairs of Pisces), the ruler of the Pisces. That is a combination of two planets which exchange their energies, with a positive effect on love and marriage. And finally, on March 12, like cream on top of the cake: Venus enters the sign of Pisces, the planet of love and understanding. With such influences, March is an excellent month for Pisces when it comes to love! Ask for it and you will get it!


HOROSCOPE: These three signs will be crazy in love in March, they will fall in love like never before

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