PRECISE ANALYSIS ACCORDING TO DATE OF BIRTH: A MOUSE are always ready for a MISCHIEF, while cat and leo...

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01/01 – 01/09 ~ Dog


01/10 – 01/24 ~ Mouse


01/25 – 01/31 ~ Lion


02/01 – 02/05 ~ Cat


02/06 – 02/14 ~ Pigeon


02/15 – 02/21 ~ Turtle


02/22 – 02/28 – Panther


03/01 – 03/12 ~ Monkey


03/13 – 03/15 ~ Lion


03/16 – 03/23 ~ Mouse


03/24 – 03/31 ~ Cat


04/01 – 04/03 ~ Dog


04/04 – 04/14 ~ Panther


04/15 – 04/26 ~ Mouse


04/27 – 04/30 ~ Turtle


05/01 – 05/13 ~ Monkey


05/14 – 05/21 ~ Pigeon


05/22 – 06/31 ~ Lion


06/01 – 06/03 ~ Mouse


06/04 – 06/14 ~ Turtle


06/15 – 06/20 ~ Dog


06/21 – 06/24 ~ Monkey


06/25 – 06/30 ~ Cat


07/01 – 07/09 ~ Mouse


07/10 – 07/15 ~ Dog


07/16 - 07/26 ~ Pigeon


07/27 – 07/31 ~ Cat


08/01 – 08/15 ~ Monkey


08/16 – 08/25 ~ Mouse


08/26 – 08/31 ~ Turtle


09/01 – 09/14 ~ Pigeon


09/15 – 09/27 ~ Cat


09/28 – 09/30 ~ Dog


10/01 – 10/15 ~ Monkey


10/16 – 10/27 ~ Turtle


10/28 – 10/31~ Panther


11/01 – 11/16 ~ Lion


11/17 – 11/30 ~ Cat


12/01 – 12/16 ~ Dog


12/17 – 12/25 ~ Monkey


12/26 – 12/31 ~ Pigeon

PRECISE ANALYSIS ACCORDING TO DATE OF BIRTH: If you are a MOUSE - you are always ready for a MISCHIEF, while cat and leo...



If you are a Dog:


You are a very loyal and sweet person. One can never doubt your loyalty. You are very honest when it comes to your attitude towards work. You are a very simple person, indeed. You are calm, modest and stand firmly on the ground!


That's why your friends appreciate you! You have a good taste for clothing. If your clothes are not renewed according to latest trends, you become depressed. You have a small group of good friends, and they are all good people.


If you are a Mouse:


You are always ready for mischief! Unsteady light in your eyes is what makes you so irresistible and attractive. You are extremely fun person. No wonder people want to be in your company and are happy when they can include you in all social events. However, you are sensitive and this is your flaw.


People should choose their words when they talk to you. If someone tries to bother you and play with words while talking to you, it's enough to provoke your anger. Then let God bless that person!


If you are a Lion:


Although this is in conflict with your name, you are a person who loves peace. It is best to avoid the situation in which you have to fight. You are a person who likes to go out, who doesn’t like to stay in one place for a long time.


You are a born leader and you have the tactics needed for teamwork. People love the way you treat them. You love being loved and love to be at the center of attention, when a person totally dedicates to you - you give yourself completely!


If you are a Cat:


You are extremely nice, wonderful person, sometimes shy, but very passionate and witty. From time to time, you prefer silence. You like to explore different things and reach into the depths of every thing. In normal circumstances you are cool, but if you have a good reason, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt.


You love fashion and people consider you a fashion icon. You easily approach other people and they feel very comfortable in your company. Pay attention when choosing friends.


If you are a Turtle:


You are a good soul and you are close to perfection. Examples of your kindness are always retold in groups of people. You love peace. You don’t want to get revenge on a person even when they’re wrong. That's why you are loved. You never gossip.


People love the way you treat them. You can give, give and give love, and the best part is that you don’t expect anything in return. You are incredibly generous. You look at things practically and this is your best feature.


If you are a Pigeon:


You symbolize a very happy and unburdened approach in life. Regardless of the environment, you remain unchanged. In fact, you spread the joy wherever you go. You are the leader of your group of friends and you know how to comfort people in difficult times.


You don’t like hypocrisy. There is no place for it in your life. You are very methodical and organized in your work, so you never allow mess in your environment.


Beware, you fall in love easily.


If you are a Panther:


You are mysterious. You are someone who can handle pressure with an ease. From time to time you can be serious and like to gossip with the selected group.


It is important that all situations and things happen exactly as you have imagined, which is sometimes impossible. As a result, you can lose in some relationships. But otherwise, you love helping people when they really need it.


If you are a Monkey:


You are very impatient and hyperactive! You want things to be done as quickly as possible. In your heart you are quite simple and you like being at the center of attention.


But it's important for you that your name is not related to any controversial things; it creates panic. Therefore, take precaution measures from the very beginning. When you predict anything wrong, your sixth sense keeps you from falling into a trap.

PRECISE ANALYSIS ACCORDING TO DATE OF BIRTH: If you are a MOUSE - you are always ready for a MISCHIEF, while cat and leo...