DON’T EVER DO THESE THINGS: Each horoscope SIGN has its own characteristic in FIGHT!

Each horoscope sign has its own rules when it comes to arguing that you can’t break, or you will get into trouble.


Aries hates it when people treat him in passive-aggressive manner. Nothing makes them want to jump out of their skin more than when someone doesn’t speak his mind. With Aries it is best to try to confront by honestly saying what you mean and to mean what you say. They will deliberately act in unusual ways to make sure you know exactly how they feel and what they plan to do about it.


One thing is certain, when you are confronting Taurus, who is already under stress, expect to get hurt by their horns if not careful. Taurus is open for communication and will do everything he can to make sure that things are resolved and that there is really peace. If he has to confront you, things will get ugly. Approach them knowing what you want to talk about, so you don’t upset them unnecessarily and waste their time.


Gemini can’t stand it when people think they know everything about them. They hate that, because then they feel like people are just making fun of them or don’t take them seriously. Let them speak for themselves, try to understand what they are saying or what they are trying to do or say, or else you will only make the problem worse.



Whenever you are confronting Cancer because of something that upset you, it is best to do it alone with him. If you confronted them before someone else, they will not listen to what you say – not you or anyone else. It must be a personal conflict, otherwise you will achieve nothing. Be honest with yourself and with them, only then they will begin to listen.


When you are trying to confront a Leo, it is best to let him first say his arguments. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should let him walk over you, it is more about the feeling that they are not forced to be obedient. They get very angry if someone behaves patronizing or protective towards them. Let them express themselves after they let out their anger, and then calmly explain your side of the story.

DON’T EVER DO THESE THINGS: Each horoscope SIGN has its own characteristic in FIGHT!


The most important thing to avoid when confronting a Virgo is to interrupt them no matter how much you want it. If you keep interrupting them during an argument, you could get into a situation that you will never again get the chance to tell them a single word.


When you are confronting Libra, try to speak in a normal tone. If you become noisy, Libra will show you no mercy. They won’t consider your side of the story if you are just yelling at them. If you continue to shout, they will certainly respond in the same manner.


Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you are arguing with a Scorpio, you better know how to defend yourself and you better know it well. Scorpio will not accept any excuses during an argument, they will only be further infuriated if you are trying to justify yourself during an argument. You should say what you have to say, rather than have your feelings boil because of their feelings.


When you are confronting a Sagittarius, it is best not to treat him as if he doesn’t know what he is talking about. It is one thing to think that he has no idea what he is talking about, but it is completely the other when you say it openly.  They absolutely despise it when people treat them that way. Just make sure you know what the truth is and the absolute truth, otherwise you will most likely get into an even worse fight.


When you get into a fight with Capricorn, the best thing you should do is to stick to the subject. No matter how many other thoughts comes to your head, long forgotten problems or something completely irrelevant, it all may absolutely infuriate Capricorn. They hate to waste their time digging things from the past and it only further upsets them.



It is wise not to underestimate what Aquarius does to win the argument. They will use all available arguments.

If you think that an Aquarius forgot something from the past, you are wrong! You would be surprised if you knew how long can resent you. Sometimes it's best just to let them see some things for themselves, instead of facing them with issues in which they are, in your opinion, wrong. Be careful when engaging in conflict.


It is best to confront Pisces with peaceful behavior, otherwise, the louder and more dramatic you are, the angrier they will be. It is definitely not a good idea to mock Pisces, because it is a horoscope sign that will invest special care to hurt you in every possible way, when you leave their company. They respond better if you are constructive and if you express yourself in a stable manner. Otherwise you will understand what it means to bring on their anger, in more ways than one.

DON’T EVER DO THESE THINGS: Each horoscope SIGN has its own characteristic in FIGHT!