When men say that a woman is BAD IN BED, this is what they specifically have in mind!

Let's face it, all those trivial love movies and movies where everything bursts out in passion on a first date are quite unrealistic.

Satisfaction in bed is something that will not come on its own.​

Still, if the practice doesn’t improve sex, there is a problem. Good news is that the biggest problem of poor lovemaking is exactly a sense of low self-esteem, and this obstacle can easily be overcome.

If you find yourself in one of these, not so rare problems, you know what to do!

1. You are insecure because of your looks

Let him love your body. Unless you want him to be informed in detail about each of your flaws, stop complaining about too big stomach or butt full of cellulite because - unless you point a finger every day at these places, he won’t notice it. If you are really insecure or dissatisfied with your appearance, there are many ways how you can completely change these little things, but at least for a moment, try not to think about them and love your body as much as your partner does.

2. You are obsessed with your imperfections

As we said, a woman who is completely satisfied with every part of her body and personality is probably not from this planet, but your problem is not in your flaws but in your obsession with these flaws. Work on strengthening your self-confidence, and in meanwhile compensate that with dimmed lights, underwear in which you feel irresistible and do everything to make the night more beautiful and deprived of all negative thoughts.


3. You deny him intimacy

Intimacy, physical and emotional, is a very important component of any relationship. If you deny him intimacy as a way of punishment, only to occasionally honor him sensual touch when he’s been a ‘good boy’, then you can’t expect great sex. Closeness is the key factor in a relationship and it shouldn’t be used as a tool of punishment.

GIRLS, REMEMBER: When men say that a woman is BAD IN BED, this is what they specifically have in mind!

4. You don’t feel like making love

The answer is simple - you need more excitement! When a woman is excited, she doesn’t think at all about little things such as cellulite and other nonsense. She is completely relaxed and enjoys in bed. A good exercise to start is blindfold on the eyes and concentration on other senses. Forget about all what worries you and for a moment let yourself enjoy.

5. You are surrounded by negative influence

In order to improve your personal impression about your appearance, you should start spending more time with friends who don’t speak only about the body. Go out and go to the movies, play sports, go for a walk, dance, run ... Do things that will make you really feel better about yourself. Because of this, every man will die of jealousy!

6. You are making a personal weapon out of sex

If you are denying him pleasure in bed because he was not good or did not give you what you wanted, then you are making a weapon out of it, and in doing so the whole experience becomes much ‘cheaper’. Forget about such games because lovemaking should be something you both enjoy.


7. You don’t bother

Just because you are in a relationship for years and because now you feel safe enough to show up before him without a trace of makeup and in sweats is great. Still, sometimes you should make an effort to dress up. Don’t forget how you looked at your first date and try to show him now and then that this woman is still here. This means that you care about your looks and body. It sounds superficial, but men are visual creatures.

8. You make love only when you are aroused

If you always wait for the right mood to come to get into action, it may never come. Just like with exercising, sometimes you have to take things into your own hands and create the right mood. Read an erotic novel, fantasize or exercise to become more energetic. This way you will create the mood for making love yourself.


GIRLS, REMEMBER: When men say that a woman is BAD IN BED, this is what they specifically have in mind!