YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE WRONG PARTNER? This is the kind of man you need!

You may not know it very well but astrology does.


You are an independent and logical person. You like to be independent and to think and that's why you need a man with whom you will be able to have intellectual conversations.


You like to please yourself and enjoy small illicit passions. When you're in a relationship, you are very dedicated and want a man who is devoted to romance and passion. However, the most important thing is that he is independent and has his own opinion.


Gemini love to try new things and are very social. You are always looking for a man who says what he means and doesn't hesitate much. Of course, it won't hurt if he's playful and humorous.

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Women Cancers always want what is best for the partner in a relationship, but that does not mean that someone can take advantage of them. You are looking for a man who is just like you. Someone who is honest, open, and can be as good alone just as in a relationship.


To Leos it's all about loyalty and motivation. If a man does not have these qualities, the relationship will quickly fall apart. That's why they need a man who is generous and knows how to flirt.

YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE WRONG PARTNER? This is the kind of man you need!


You are a very thoughtful and mysterious person and you don't open easily to others. This trait makes it difficult for your to have new relationships and therefore you need a man who will have enough patience, and also support for your choices.


They are known as very stubborn and opinionated, Libras are also women who love to analyze every situation. The man who is loyal and is able to adapt is perfect for them.


Women born in this sign are very intense and sexual and therefore they often get into trouble because they first act and only then consider possible consequences. The man who is able to keep up with their passion will swipe them off their feet at the very beginning.

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You like adventure and you're pretty open. Even though you are about to embrace something new, you don't mind spending time at home with the man of your dreams – and he has to be sensual and witty in order to break the tension.


Women Capricorns are very smart and serious so they want a man who sometimes won't be like that. Although they appreciate partners who are similar to them and who are always ready for hard work, he also has to be funny to help them focus on all the fun things in a relationship.


You are very creative and that's why sex with you is a pretty intense experience. They also like to use their intelligence outside the bedroom and are therefore the perfect match for all the signs that are ready for adventure. They look for a man who will charm them and show passion.


Women Pisces are very emotional and know how to turn things into their favor. They very rarely allow others to complain to them, and they can be very honest when necessary. They want a relationship with someone who is compassionate, just like they are.

YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE WRONG PARTNER? This is the kind of man you need!