FALLING OUT OF LOVE: Aquarius disappears during the night, Scorpio starts absurd fights

Each of us falls in love in a different way, and the same goes for falling out of love.

How much really it has to do with our horoscope sign, we don't know, but we have to admit that we can find ourselves in these statements.


Impulsive by nature, the Aries will be spontaneous and fun in a relationship, which is certainly a plus, but it can turn into a big minus once the Aries sense that they no longer feel what they felt before. Then the decision to end the relationship can be fast, spontaneous and totally unexpected.


The Taurus are quite practical so they won't make a decision before they carefully study the pros and cons. It is good that they are not prone to stalling and having second thoughts, but it also has a downside - once it's over, it's definitely over.


Indecisiveness is their main characteristic, so Gemini often doesn't know whether they really fell out of love or it's just a phase. End of relationship with them is by no means a smooth transition because they tend to have second thoughts at the last moment.

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Falling out of love is a stressful process for this horoscope sign because Cancers are loyal partners, which means that it is quite possible that they will stay in a relationship even if they no longer want that, just not to hurt their partner.


Self-confidence in life also refers to relationships, so Leos fall out of love often without too much thinking because they always think they can do better. They are hasty when it comes to ending relationships, which is not admirable characteristic because that's the reason why they often spend their lives in constant search for something better.

HOW DO HOROSCOPE SIGNS FALL OUT OF LOVE: Cancer stays in a relationship out of loyalty, Aquarius disappears during the night, Scorpio starts absurd fights


The most important relationship in the life of Virgo is with their career, everything else is just incidental. Therefore, Virgo won't have any problems getting out of a relationship, especially if they need to choose between it and the business success.


Confrontation is not the strongest suit of this horoscope sign, which means that, once they fall out of love, they take care of everything quickly and efficiently, often with text messages.


This quarrelsome sign will do exactly what he does best after falling out of love – start small, absurd quarrels and hope that they will lead to break-up as quickly as possible.


Hoping that they will spare the other person from too much sadness, Sagittarius will only say that they just want some time for themselves after falling out of love, even though they know very well that they will never come back. They know that empty promises are not much better than ordinary break-up, but they still choose this option because they think it is less stressful for the person they leave.

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In anticipation of the worst possible reaction, Capricorns will be well prepared for the break-up and the news that they fell out of love. Some will panic so much that in the end they won't be able to break-up, which will only prolong the agony for everyone.


Escape in the middle of the night without much explanation may not be a correct approach, but to Aquarius it is definitely the easiest. This sign doesn't handle well complications such as falling out of love so they resolve everything along the way or by running away.  


In their constant search for an escape from reality, Pisces often get lost in their own dreaming and forget that they have a genuine relationship. Once they fall out of love, they leave without too much problem because they know that there's a new adventure waiting for them around the corner.


HOW DO HOROSCOPE SIGNS FALL OUT OF LOVE: Cancer stays in a relationship out of loyalty, Aquarius disappears during the night, Scorpio starts absurd fights