They do it like pros: When a woman cheats, there's no way to find it out

They do it like pros: When a woman cheats, there's no way to find it out

Women cheat - we know that you know, but when you mention the word 'affair', few people think first about the cheating wife, right? About 20 years ago, only 9 percent of women admitted that they had been unfaithful, but today that number has risen to as much as 20 percent!

Women cheat, but when they cheat, they do it much better than men so it often stays a secret. This is why.

They can keep a secret

'Women can keep a secret' - it sounds incredible, but it's true.

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They may not know how to keep a secret about a colleague who entrusted them with something and expect that they won't further blab it to their friends over coffee, but when it comes to love life, especially the forbidden one, they certainly know how to keep a secret.

They can lie, especially in bed

It is known that a woman 'loses her value' if she sleeps with too many men, but lying and concealing comes naturally. Also, when a man asks how it was, she'll say, 'Great!' - even if it was a disaster. Such training enables women also to lie about sex that nobody should know about.

They pay attention to details

Men are simply careless creatures. They will return home with traces of lipstick, they'll forget to take out the evidence from the bedroom, or will text their mistress even in front of their wife.

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A woman who cheats will find the perfect place where there is no chance for someone to see her, inspect the clothes to see that there are no clues, take a shower so she gets rid of the smell of the other man.

They do it like pros: When a woman cheats, there's no way to find it out

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