BORN FOR EACH OTHER: These two signs are the best love combination in horoscope

These two signs when finding each other, they are completely fascinated with each other. Their passion and chemistry are the perfect assemblies according to the stars.

You're lucky you if you've found each other...

These are Taurus and Scorpio.

Scorpio loves the fact that Taurus is someone they won't get easily and it is the challenge they love.

Taurus enjoys physical contact and the pursuit of gaining emotional security, and Scorpio radiates attraction and expects a lot of passion in love, which Taurus adores.

Stable and conservative, Taurus is one of the most reliable signs of the Zodiac. On the other hand, Scorpio is a great leader and person born in this sign is always aware of the situation, and is also very resourceful.

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Members of this sign often lead turbulent lives and they are preoccupied with many things which may make them wander off and not listen to their inner voice of wisdom. They have difficulty in distinguishing their emotions from desire and it is recommended to them to make contact with themselves using relaxation techniques. Parapsychological abilities of Aries are related to the head, part of the body ruled by Mars. They like to interpret their dreams and actions. They are interested in phrenology and interpretation of character based on facial features as well as methods that give quick results, such as dices or I Ching.


Parapsychological abilities of Taurus develop slowly but thoroughly. Like other earth signs, they experience parapsychological feelings using the body. Venus, the ruler of Taurus, inspires these people with music and kind words that relax them. They tend to predict what the weather will be like by subconsciously observing certain signs or symbols, such as a number of fruits on a tree or the late arrival of a particular season. Numerology and techniques relating to the interpretation by using coins, dices or bank notes, belong to Taurus.


They can sense each new trend almost before it appears thanks to their instinct. It's as if they have antennas, or some kind of internal radar, they constantly explore their surroundings. Palmistry, graphology and exploring character, fall within the scope of Gemini. Considering their skilled hands and telepathic abilities, they often practice looking at the cards, tarot and the like. Mercury as the planet of communication gives them bright and open mind but since their attention is not focused they need to pay attention not to get engaged in too many activities and thus prevent their parapsychological abilities to come to the fore.

BORN FOR EACH OTHER: These two signs are the best love combination in horoscope, no one and nothing can ruin their happiness


They start feeling their surroundings and thinking of the people around them almost from their birth. Many people, especially men, don't want to admit it. They know instinctively before the others how warm and sincere a relationship or friendship is. They often feel inexplicably sad because of the influence of their ruler, the Moon. They receive information from the present or future in the form of pictures as if they have a movie screen in their head. They can also hear what someone will say before he even speaks. They are good at predicting events, especially in reading the coffee cup, tea leaves or crystal.

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Cheerful, generous and warm, they have almost child's approach to life and this makes them extremely sensitive to people around him. They often have sudden premonitions that just as suddenly disappear. Sun as the planet-ruler of this sign gives Leos possibility of spiritual therapy. They can often successfully deliver therapeutic energy. They are capable of healing with their joy, optimism, vitality and warmth. It's an interesting fact that a lot of astrologers were born in the sign of Leo.

BORN FOR EACH OTHER: These two signs are the best love combination in horoscope

BORN FOR EACH OTHER: These two signs are the best love combination in horoscope, no one and nothing can ruin their happiness