Each zodiac sign is like a hologram that determines the direction in which personality develops, as well as one's sexuality. Certainly, many things are individual, and they completely determine whether someone will realize their fantasies or leave everything within the constraints of imagination. Whatever the case may be, sexual fantasies of each zodiac sign are listed below:



Aries is a passionate character and a real adrenaline junkie who loves sex and hard sadomasochistic games which boost adrenaline. But, Aries is getting horny by any action aside from the sex that involves risk and thus they prefer sex at weird locations such as elevators, toilets at the clubs or at any other place where there is the intimate atmosphere and where there is an option that someone could come along. They love bed wrestling, hair pulling, spanking, biting, etc.



This is the most sensual Zodiac sign. Taurus is a great hedonist who loves a good mix of various pleasures. Majority of persons born as Taurus prefer to combine sex pleasure with a pleasure of food consumption and before sex they always consume various aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, wine, almonds, cashews ... They love long kisses, licking the entire body and, of course, all types of oral sex. Also, they also like to use food as a sex toy, so Taurus can easily end up putting cream and licking it from his partner and stimulating nipples with the ice cubes and similar.



Gemini gets horny by ideas and experimentation. Nothing holds them to neither a place or one partner, and they don't have one preferred way of enjoying sex. They are eager to try everything they can think of and enjoy exploring. They finish off with exploring sex in various positions and at various locations and they easily move to other perversions in combination with sex toys such as vibrators, handcuffs, balls and the like.

The ruler of this sign the Mercury, the planet that in some of its aspects represents a two-pole nature (Mercury is equivalent to Hermes; and its etymological origin is derived from the word hermaphrodite), so persons born in this sign can turn to the same sex when exploring their sexuality. Even if they don't do so, they are certainly excited by the idea of having the triplet sex and other variations of group sex.



Their sex is deeply connected with emotions, so they enjoy a long foreplay, kissing and touching, but don't think that they don't want to move to concrete action. Out of sexual fantasies, they would gladly try impersonating and changing roles as well as anything else that adds emotional charge to passionate games in bed. If they find a compatible partner with whom they can build a relationship of trust, they are ready to try anything, but only if it fits into their emotional world.



Leo takes pride in everything, including sex. That's the reason they like to show off in front of others and this they get excited by ideas such as outdoors sex (as opposed to the Aries which is excited by danger, Leo has a certain dose of exhibitionism). They like places like the beach or park. They enjoy in striptease and everything else that openly exposes sexuality. However, they do bring some emotions in sex, so that's why they don't like to go too far.



The sexuality of Virgo is hampered by moral and emotional bonds, so it is difficult to come to their bed. If you want to come into their bedroom, you will have to go through a whole series of different tests if you want the dignified Virgin to gain your trust. But, once you manage to enter into Virgo’s intimate world, she is prone to various perversions, which mainly involve capturing and releasing, and their fantasies include bondage, dominance, and emotional struggle. They like to use handcuffs, ropes, silk scarf and everything else they can use to bind the hands, eyes, or both.



Libra is sensual, playful and aesthetically minded and gets horny by everything that looks good. They get horny by the idea of beauty and elegance to the extent that like to try everything that lights up their fantasizes in that direction. They love dirty talks, but they have to be beautiful and creative. They also like theater-like role-play theater with an artistic touch. Part of the body which gets them horny is butt (esthetics again). They are squeezing it (or be squeezed), slapping and biting it, but all that has to have a dose of dignified sensuality.



Scorpio has a strong libido and a huge sex desire so it is not unusual that they 'addicted' to sex, so they cannot live without it. They are capable of great transformation and will try everything in sex. They like to be dominate at all times, even when their partner is dominant, but at the same time they are sensitive and vulnerable, and if you hurt them, they will sleep with your enemy. They experience sex through the dark aspects of the personality, and they don't like to expose their dirty laundry as they have quite a lot of it.

However, in the intimate surrounding (which for them means - hidden) they will try  all possible fantasies that exist, depending on the phase in which their sexuality currently is focused on. As they mature, they change phases and desires and through this transformation, they learn, and they discover themselves. When they are in question, everything is possible!



This is the most energetic sign of the zodiac and a true adventurer. There is no specific fantasy that turns them on, but they get horny by the surprise factor, so they will be happy to try outdoor's sex, sex in the car by the road or anywhere else, but that should not be just sex. It must be an entire adventure. They love the open space and dirty talks. They like to explore, but they don't like to wait because it hampers their dynamic nature.



They may seem cold at first, but in bed, they can be surprisingly passionate. They love to explore and will be happy to try everything, but unlike Gemini, they don't horny only by exploring things, but they truly want to find the right trigger that turns them off. Then, they return to what they truly love: their favorite position, role, sex toy or any perversion that brings them pleasure. They like to dominance, but most of the time they want to be dominant.



This is the most progressive sign of the zodiac. Aquarius likes novelties, so they will be first to try cyber-sex, sex over Skype or sexy messaging. They tend to get engaged in all kinds of perversions, and other signs can consider them even deviant, although they are usually perceived as interesting characters. They are open minded in sex but not much more emotional, so they will try all everything they want. That's the reason this zodiac sign is mostly prone to have group sex, which is their greatest fantasy.



Pisces are prone to various perversions, and they can easily get lost in the ocean of their sexuality. They are emotional and prone to the influence of others, so they can easily take over their partner's preferences. The feet are their main erogenous zone (in addition to sex organs), so they get horny about everything that is feet-related.  Their imagination is huge. They love to videotape their actions and watch it later.  They also enjoy watching others even to a smallest extent.