ETERNAL LOVE OF HOROSCOPE: Astrology according to emotional aspects

Our feelings and emotional preferences are pretty much determined by astrological profiles. Learn how each sign of the Zodiac reacts in relationships.


The Aries fall in love quickly and intensively, and even make a decision to commit too early, then struggle with these decisions and run away from them, which sometimes lasts for months. They usually get into a period of evaluating and dating again trying to revive the passion in a relationship, and during this period they most often decide how they feel and whether they want to settle down. If they fail to revive the passion, they most often start looking for new love.


Taurus are as loyal as dogs, and not in a bad sense. Once they get to know the person, they commit and usually stay with her for life, that is as long as their sex life works. If passion disappears or just interest in sex, he will look for excitement elsewhere - usually behind your back. He will never admit cheating, for the sake of a relationship that lasts forever. In other words, even if he is unfaithful, he won't leave you.


Gemini, despite the cliches, are faithful and never leave a person, but love to test them to see how much jealousy they can provoke.

They will actually even torture the person they are in a relationship with by flirting with as many people as possible. That is why they are often alone and left by those who can't stand Gemini men's wondering eye or seduction of female members of the sign. Gemini can be constrained and kept interested if you make them jealous. That's how they will stay in a relationship forever.



This sign loves to surrender to one person and stay with her. He doesn't like noise, games and problems brought on by any doubt or insecurity. However, they may be very jealous, demanding and insecure, which often puts off people who love them. You rarely have to worry about whether this sign is faithful, because once you're married, Cancer is yours forever.


Leos are pretty cautious before they fall in love. There can be weeks before love blossoms because this sign loves games, seduction. When they fall in love, they are usually very passionate and committed, but only for a year or two. People born in the sign of Leo have a restless heart that makes them monogamous, but they don't have many relationships that last more than a year.

ETERNAL LOVE OF HOROSCOPE: Astrology according to emotional aspects


This stubborn, practical sign loves brief courting with a little sex.

Actually, this is a sign that will be first to choose abstinence from sex before marriage. Most likely, they will avoid sex even after they get married. Many Virgos are in marriages in which there is not much sex, and in which they, especially women, will look away at partner's infidelity. As long as there are material gain and security, and well as good reputation, Virgo's relationship will last long.


Libras are very faithful. They usually have long relationships because in a relationship, they are first of all friends. However, they easily cool down and get interested in someone else, and insecurity and disbelief can destroy their relationship. Relationship with Libra will last as long as you keep them interested in the bed and as long as you are willing to give them a lot of attention.


People born in the sign of Scorpio are among the most faithful signs in the zodiac. They are also one of the most attractive and charismatic, so their partner has to fight many rivals. This creates a lot of insecurity, which is why their relationships fall apart after a year or two. Besides, don't make this sign angry, they will have no problem stabbing you in the back.



This is an indecisive sign that has a problem committing to one person. When they are in one place or in a relationship for long, they become restless. If you want your relationship with Sagittarius to last for years, you have to give them enough freedom. You might even have to cope with occasional infidelities.


Capricorn is a very traditional sign that expects traditional wedding with long courting phase and not too much sex before it. This sign also expects complete fidelity and once they get it, they stay with their partner for a long time. Both sex and the children are a way to keep a Capricorn. Infidelity usually means an end to Capricorn.


This is a very restless sign that has a problem staying with someone for more than two days. They want to spice up their life with diversity. Also, they are not very sexual. A person may fascinate and impress them totally with their world, and then they suddenly lose interest. Best chance to spend several years with Aquarius is to stimulate his intellect so that he is never bored. It helps if you love to travel.


Pisces are one of the most faithful and most committed signs of the zodiac. They love relationships that will last a lifetime. Although this is a very moral sign, they sometimes do cheat, but they will never admit it to their partner. Pisces are always those who marry their high school sweetheart and stay with her for the rest of their lives.

ETERNAL LOVE OF HOROSCOPE: Astrology according to emotional aspects