DON'T PLAY THE ICE QUEEN: 8 powerful secrets of top seduction

The look lethal to the opposite sex, a smile that disarms the coldest heart and walk that gives away confidence and femininity.

Eight powerful secrets of top seduction: Don't play the ice queen but show a sincere smile, feel free to oppose opinions and say what you think about any subject, but be sure to disarm him with deep eye contact.

Walk in shoes of real queens of flirting and copy their seduction tricks.  

1. Be what you are

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind and most difficult to do, even though it doesn't seem so. Sometimes, when you flirt it seems as if your body is possessed by another person - and that's when fluttering your lashes begins, playing with your hair and giggling at everything he says. Don't allow this to happen, at least don't overdo it. If there is a spark between the two of you, it's because he really likes you. So, don't suck up to him, but be confident when you talk about yourself and what you do and what you're interested in, and if he is interested, he will let you know.

2. Smile

DON'T PLAY THE ICE QUEEN: 8 powerful secrets of top seduction

So simple, yet so effective. One of the best seductive moves is - a big, sincere smile. It shouldn't be practiced in front of the mirror, but come from within, on its own. So, don't play the ice queen, and don't be shy if you find some little things funny, that might surprise the others. You are your own person, so show your charm and originality. Smile and seduce yourself.


3. Don't reveal too much

Yes, we know we said be what you are, but that doesn't mean you need to tell a sweet guy that you just met that night, that you have recently suffered a terrible virus, what was your last sex like or that you can't stand it when a guy doesn't call immediately after you went out with him.

Be yourself, yes, but make the topic of conversation light, casual and not too intimate.

4. Maintain eye contact

One of the best ways to let him know that you are interested is to let him 'catch' you watching him. When your eyes meet don't look away as long as possible, then look down and to the side and smile. And you've already made the first step.

Touch is a powerful thing

DON'T PLAY THE ICE QUEEN: 8 powerful secrets of top seduction