Six simple ways how you can read other people's mind

We often want to know what exactly people think and try to understand their way of thinking.

To question: 'If you could choose, what super power would you like to have?' Most people answered with ' I would read other people's mind'.

But what many don’t know is that there are six easy ways to read someone's mind ...

1. Body language

Body language is a clear indicator to discover one's thoughts easily. If the forehead is wrinkled, the person is probably under stress. The thing that is also very important is the way the person is sitting or standing. When people want to show their strength, they spread their arms, strain muscles and hit on the chest. They actually reduce the stress that way. People react in a similar way when they are nervous because their cortisol level increases. When the level of this hormone increases, it can lead to insomnia, weight gain and other problems. In short, you can learn more about the mental state of a person solely on the basis of their body language, attitude and energy level.

2. Pay attention to breathing

Six simple ways how you can read other people's mind

If someone breathes deeply, that means they are relaxed. If breathing is rapid with lower air intake, that means that he is nervous. Usually, people who are breathing quicky are just shy or may be hiding something from you. If someone is breathing relaxed, it means they are calm and probably telling the truth.


3. Look into their eyes

‘Eyes are the mirror of the soul’, the saying goes. It is believed that the pupil of an eye is the door to mind. Studies have shown that many people who think a lot have dilated pupils. Also, when you meet someone for the first time, pupils expand. If they spread and immediately narrow, it means that the person is not interested in you. If they remain widespread, it means that the person wants to be in your company. 


Six simple ways how you can read other people's mind