Interpretations of eight most common erotic dreams: What does it mean when we dream infidelity?

In dreams, we often have sex that we couldn't imagine in reality, but there's a deeper meaning behind them

Everyone, at least from time to time, has so-called 'wet dreams'. These are often normal, usual erotic dreams in which one of the main roles, besides the one who is dreaming, has their partner or person they like. However, sometimes we have dreams that are pretty inappropriate and which we are ashamed of in the morning. And actually, all these dreams have a deeper psychological meaning.

It is difficult to determine what sexy dreams actually mean because people don't feel comfortable talking about them. If you dream that you are in bed with an inappropriate partner, of course you're not going to post it on social networks and share it with the rest of the world, so you'll have no one to consult.

The truth is that most people have completely inappropriate dreams, but don't worry, they don't mean that you subconsciously want to have sex with that person. In most cases, the truth is quite the opposite.

Here are their most common hidden meanings:

1. You are unfaithful

Many people dream that they are unfaithful to their partner. This doesn't mean that they want an affair or that they are sexually dissatisfied.

When you cheat in your dreams, it usually represents another kind of cheating or dishonesty towards your partner. Also, it can mean that you need to experiment. The other person in the dream is usually personification of sexual actions that you wish to try, and for some reason you can't do it with your partner.

When you dream the opposite, that is, that your partner is the one who is cheating, you most probably feel insecure. You probably don't get enough time and attention from your loved one. This dream can also indicate that you feel the fear of being abandoned.

2. You crossed the boundaries of 'friendly zone'

Having erotic dreams about friends is quite common.

What does it mean when we dream about making love with a colleague from work

This is not your subconscious that is telling you that you are physically attracted to your friend, so there is no need to feel uncomfortable when you see him the next day.

This dream usually represents admiration or envy towards something your friend has. It can be skills or quality that you would like to have.

Dreams with your friend's partner are frequent too. Of course, you should not admit that to your friend and feel bad about the dream that you can't control. This means that you probably see some qualities in that person that you would like you or your partner to have.


3. Making love with a colleague from work

Dream in which you have a quickie after work with a colleague who always has coffee at the same time as you doesn't mean it's time to start an affair with him.

Most often, this dream represents what you need from that person, and it certainly is not making love. This need can actually be positive or negative. Maybe this colleague is more appreciated and better organized than you, and you would like your surrounding at work to see you that way. Or it could be that this person is doing something that you find annoying, for example, humming loudly during working hours and disturbs you when you work.

Find out what is it that 'intrigues' you with this person, solve it, and the dreams will stop.

Interpretations of eight most common erotic dreams: What does it mean when we dream infidelity?

4. Making love with the person of the same gender

Relax, because this is definitely not a sign that you are a latent homosexual. Many straight people have such dreams precisely because they have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

This type of dream symbolizes the need for self-love. If you have been very critical of yourself lately and you're feeling insecure, it is possible that these dreams will appear. It is possible that you are ashamed of something and that you are afraid to reveal some of your weaknesses.

You have to stop being so hard on yourself, focus on the positive qualities that you have and rediscover a love for yourself.

5. Making love with celebrity

Which Hollywood star visits your erotic dreams? Even though chances are high that you are sexually attracted by the beautiful face from the big screen, the dream is not about them actualy.

You are the star. When you make love to a celebrity in your dreams, it symbolizes a lust that you carry inside you. You are probably not getting enough attention from people close to you, or you are generally not satisfied with your social life. 

It is also possible that you long for money, success and fame, and not for making love with somebody famous. This celebrity represents what you would love to have in your life and what you can't have, and it usually has nothing to do with your sexual desires.

6. Making love with stranger

Making love with an impersonal, mysterious or masked person is one of the most powerful dreams, and some analysts think that they may be full of hidden meaning.

This dream can tell you so much about yourselves, much more than about making love. If this mysterious partner is kind and full of loving towards you, it can be a good indication that you are growing as a person and learning to accept yourself.

Sometimes, this dream has quite the opposite meaning. You may have sex with a stranger in a dream because you need to find something that is hiding inside you. It is the time you accept yourself and release the person within you.


7. Making love with the boss

Getting down to 'work' with your boss is something that is quite normal to dream. Actually, your boss can be one of the most common partners in your "wet dreams". But that does not mean what you think it means and what you are probably ashamed of.

Even if you really feel physically attracted to your boss, that's not what this dream is about. You see yourself in such a dream as an equal with your boss. This is because you are able to see leadership capacity in you, and reality doesn't give you the chance to express them.

This dream is actually a good sign. It means that you feel like you are leaving a good impression at work. You are facing challenges, and maybe you are ready for more responsibilities.

8. Making love with an ex

Dreaming about little games with the ex? Maybe you feel guilty about this, and maybe you are on the verge to grab the phone and text him. Don't do either of these.

Sexy dreams with your ex say more about your new relationship, than about the old. You may experience feelings that are similar to those that you had towards your ex or you are afraid that your new relationship is going in the same direction as the previous one.

If, however, in reality you constantly think about your ex, then the dream may represent your hurt feelings, or unresolved feelings. In any case, this dream indicates that you need to find a way to resolve the situation from the past in order to be able to proceed further.

Interpretations of eight most common erotic dreams: What does it mean when we dream infidelity?