Retrograde Saturn initiates restlessness, destruction, violence: Get ready for the madness that is coming in the following days

Retrograde Saturn initiates restlessness, destruction, violence: Get ready for the madness that is coming in the following days

In the following days, transit Venus from the sign of Gemini is entering opposition towards Saturn and quadrant towards Jupiter.

Transit Saturn is of great importance for development and sensation of each individual and before all, it represents EXPERIENCE. Retrograde Saturn initiates restlessness, destruction, blockades, violence, hatred, it causes retreating, brings present systems down and takes back the time.

If the harmony comes from Venus, transit Saturn helps founding love in friendship, married life or emotional relationship; it doesn’t violate the harmony, but it gives it lasting and recognizable shape. It stabilizes money inflow and every effort in work becomes productive. There will be very little of these things these days. 

Transit Venus is in the next couple of days in opposition with retrograde Saturn from the sign of Sagittarius, which indicates facing the achieved in the sphere of intimate life and final sense of loneliness (regardless of whether you are really alone or not). Still, not all the scars can be seen on the surface. In some way, this transit also indicates facing the consequences of former actions or the final solution of certain marital, partner, friendly and even business situations. Unfortunately, this solution will not be pleasant at all.


Saturn alone represents the so-called 'step back', slowing down, making things difficult facing the real and inevitable, fate interweaving and strikes and similar.  

Saturn represents distances, both in space and in life. In this case, Saturn will only help existing problems to 'come out to the surface'.

Transit Saturn in this aspect can often 'reshape' your point of view when it comes to relationships in general and it can make you less sociable than usual. It can modify the boundaries, as well as criteria for choosing a partner. 

Transit Venus will almost at the same time enter the quadrant with Jupiter. Venus as the second differentiator of the Sun's life energy now attracts the possibility for new fulfillment in love relationships. Pay attention to those who court you or those you like. However, transit Saturn in opposition with Venus, very often, brings relationships (or entering relationships) that turn out to be more challenging than you could have predicted at the start, followed by the series of serious problems.


For instance, now you can enter a relationship with a person who is engaged, distant or simply with a person who is much older or much younger than you. You may renew a relationship with a person who left you once. Fear is determining factor now. Fear of rejection, leaving, abandoning. Whatever happens, in the following days you will be making difficult decisions that will demand bitter responsibility. These are days of a challenge for existing unions, friendships, relationships, and marriages.

Even though at this moment it may seem to you that you are rejected, that your relationship has become cold, that you are neglected, that your loved one is defying you, that they ‘attack’ you with silence and that ‘fatal’ deprivation is more than present, the truth is so much different. These are the days of exhausted emotions and conflicts of the old (previous) with your wishes, as well as the appearance of the new.

Distancing from women, friends or misunderstandings with women in high places are also possible. Be patient and try to shape, rationalize and realize the needs (especially emotional ones) as patiently as possible in the next few days.

Retrograde Saturn initiates restlessness, destruction, violence: Get ready for the madness that is coming in the following days

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