Find out what sign are you in Mayan horoscope and what it says about you

All astrological signs of the ancient Mayas last for 20 days except for one – it lasts only five days.

In those five days, they sensed that the natural balance on Earth is disturbed, and ghosts appear. In astrology of the ancient Mayas, there are 19 signs. They all last for 20 days except for one that lasts only five. That sign is characterized by ghosts and disturbed the balance. Find your Mayan horoscope sign by the date of your birth and see what this sign symbolizes, what it says about you ...

Ch'en – 2. January to 21. January. Meaning: Black storm, black sky, the Moon, one flower, west. Interpretation: People born in this sign are nocturnal types, they are wise and sensitive and spiritual development is very important to them. They have the most energy for several hours after the dusk and a few hours before the dawn. This quiet time is good to use for their personal development. Also, these people have a natural affinity to the energy of the Moon, and they should consider wearing the Moonstone, which increases that energy. Their main direction in life is west and if they meditate, their face should be facing west.

Yak – 22. January to 10. February. Meaning: Green Storm, Venus, two flowers, south. Interpretation: These are gentle and kind people whose goal is to live in harmony with themselves and with others. They are precise and practical. Venus is their ruling planet and that is exactly why they are gentle and loving by nature. They have the ability to bring in harmony everywhere. That is an extremely big gift because they are some sort of guardians of peace and they can do many good things in this world. Their main direction in life is south.


Sac – 11. February to 2. March. Meaning: White Storm, frog, frog constellation, three flowers, north. Interpretation: People born under this sign are not fans of night but prefer the day. Early morning is the source of energy and strength, time to think and it is exactly in this period of great wisdom they can reach them. They are flexible, they enjoy traveling and like changes in life. They are willing to take responsibility and correct what is not good. Their main direction is north, and powerful animal is a frog. Precisely the meaning of frog is what indicates the ability to adapt just like quick and not hard jump from one phase of consciousness to another. People born in this sign get their power from changes and that’s why they are gladly accepted.

Keh – 3. March to 22. March. Meaning: Red Storm, trees, deer, east. Interpretation: People born in this sign have an affinity for nature and natural balance, so with their example they could return natural order to our planet. They have the energy of fire and red is the color of strength for them, it fills them with energy. Their fiery energy should be known to everyone. Meditation in the forest helps these people develop the natural strength. Their direction is east, and their totemic animal is gentle and noble deer

Find out what sign are you in Mayan horoscope and what it says about you

Mak – 23. March to 11. April. Meaning: enclosed, covered, number 3. Interpretation: People born in the sign of Mak are one of the biggest mysteries of astrological signs the Mayas. The meaning of their sign is the least clearly defined of all. Since the sign itself is slightly mysterious, so are the people born in it. They are very good at keeping some things only to themselves, and the words that describe them "enclosed and covered" show us that they are good at hiding what they don't want others to find out. They are perfectionists by nature, they are very organized, closed and they very hard reveal their emotions. They love spending time thinking and meditating, and that is exactly what can explain the secrets of existence for them. Their number is three and it gives them strength. This number is considered the number of deities, balance and completeness.

K'ank'in – 12. April to 1. May. Meaning: Earth, dog, yellow, underground, yellow sun.  Interpretation: People born in this sign are people of the Earth and the Sun. They are attracted to both these planets as well as the strong solar energy of the sun. Time spent in the sunlight gives them wisdom, just like the time spent under or above the ground. They are prone to art, learning, and they can be very good at certain occult sciences. If it is possible, they should meditate in a cave, or at least occasionally visit a cave, because it gives them complacence. Their totem animal is a dog that is characterized by faithfulness and amazing inner strength. M

Muwan – 2. May to 21. May. Meaning: Owl, God of rain and clouds, fire. Interpretation: These people are irresistibly attracted to fire and water, and they especially enjoy storm, when at the same time they watch and feel rain and lightning - water and fire. Storm gives them strength and fills them with positive energy. People born under this sign are stubborn and persistent, prone to analyzing, psychology, and sometimes they can be clairvoyant. They don’t look at people and different situations superficially, but they try to reach more deeply into them and understand what they are and what's going on. Their totem animal is the owl which symbolizes wisdom and foresight, so it can reveal the truth.

Pax – 22. May to 10. June. Meaning: time of planting, jaguar, steam, arrows, drum. Interpretation: For people born in this sign totem animal is the Jaguar, and precisely this animal is very important in the Mayan culture because it represents leadership. These people draw their strength as leaders of the people, and they should accept this role by all means. In addition, they are innovative and try to enjoy every moment of life, they gladly take control and really as meant to be leaders. The arrow within the meaning of their sign shows that tend to look straight ahead and go towards the goal. They should use the drum in their life because it gives them constant strength, brings stability and balance. Their element is steam - a mixture of earth, water and fire. Steam rises from the earth through heat. They should combine these three elements (earth, water and fire) in their life.

Kayab – 11. June to 30. June. Meaning: Turtle, Goddess of the Moon, God. Interpretation: People born in this sign have a natural tendency to the moon and spiritual things. They find themselves in search for a deeper meaning of everyday life. they strive for harmony in everything and prefer doing everything slowly and carefully. Their totem animal is turtle which in Mayan culture symbolizes the bearer of ancient wisdom as well as the holder of the Earth.

Kumk'u – 1. July to 20. July. Meaning: Grain, crocodile, corn husk, two gentlemen, darkness, Gods of rain and plants. Interpretation: People born in this sign have ambivalent nature, they tend to penetrate to the heart of things and are prone to literature and philosophy. They often clearly see the opposite perspectives and take the wisdom that they both have to offer. Their totem animal is a crocodile, which has the gift of survival, time and patience. Crocodiles are one of the few species of reptiles that survived a mesozoic period in which most reptiles and dinosaurs were extinct. They possess the power of longevity and stability. They don’t  accept change easily, but if there is a change, it will not affect them, and that is a great gift.

Wayeb – 21. July to 25. July. Meaning: Unhappy days, God of the Earth, spirits, the days that are missing (only lasts for five days). Interpretation: People born in this sign are an anomaly among the Mayan astrological signs. Wayeb lasts for only five days unlike other long signs which cover a period of 20 days. During those five days the ancient Maya felt that the natural balance is disturbed as if some other force came to Earth and as if ghosts walk on it. Being born in this sign doesn’t mean that someone will be followed by bad luck, but that these people are probably strongly connected to other worlds and other spheres. It should be accepted as such. People in this sign tend to have extreme sensitive perception, and to walk between this world and the others.

Pop – 26. July to 14. August. Meaning: Jaguar, the main, leader, soft soil. Interpretation: People born under this sign are natural born leaders. Both meanings - Jaguar and the main - refer to positions of power of the ancient Maya. They have clear vision and direction for other people that surround them and are sensitive to their needs. Also, they are talented to transfer their knowledge to others and they are good analysts. They are prone to the earth and meditation, which helps them develop their talents.

Wo – 15. August to 3. September. Meaning: Black sky, a black jaguar, black storm, night-time, frog, two soft soils. Interpretation: People born in this sign are similar to Che'nu and Sacu. They are prone to discovering many pearls of wisdom in the hours after the dusk until the appearance of the first rays of the sun. Their totem animal is frog which can easily switch from one consciousness into another, capable to adapt quickly to different situations. These are mystical people who are looking for hidden wisdom and mysteries. They often have high education and are excellent speakers.

Sip – 4. September to 23. September. Meaning: Red compatibility, red sky, red storm, deer. Interpretation: People born in this sign have a strong tendency to elements of fire and air. The deer gives them power, their totemic animal, which symbolizes grace and connection with forest and also a noble leader. These people should by all means embrace the power of grace and nobility in their life. They are committed, devoted and good friends. Red is the color that gives them strength.


Sotz – 24. September to 13. October. Meaning: Bat, fish, two mosses, beginning of the winter. Interpretation: People born in this sign have two totemic animals that give them strength- those are bat and fish. It is interesting that one has the ability to move freely through the air and the other in the water. Exactly the air and water are the elements that they are most prone to. Bat symbolizes drawing strength from great intuition, sensitivity and ability to see through illusions. Fish represents the subconsciousness and depth. These people have a very deep intuition that is not available to most people; they are hardworking and emotional.

Sek – 14. October to 2. November. Meaning: heaven and earth. Interpretation: People born in this sign are especially related to two elements - the earth and sky (wind, air). They are probably fascinated with the sky and are pretty interested in all the things that are up there. Air is the element of mental energy, and earth is an element of practicality, so these two characterize people born in this sign. They are disciplined, prone to taking initiative and patient as they go towards their goal. They have a gift to consider every situation and reach the most effective solution. This is according to the ancient Mayas a great gift that these people can use to help the world.

Xul – 3. November to 22. November. Meaning: Dog with sunny tail, days of birds, God, dog. Interpretation: People born in this sign are closely connected with the animal totem of dog. The dog was a very important animal with the ancient Mayas. They believed that dogs lead people from this life to the next. As the result, people of this sign have traditional features of animal totem of dog - these are loyalty, strength, commitment. They also have a strong relationship with the next life and can help other people get rid of the fear of death and dying. In addition to that they are calm and patient.

Yaxk'in – 23. November to 12. December. Meaning: New Sun, the Sun God, red clouds, green. Interpretation: People born in this sign have to do with the ancient Sun God who is called Ah Kin with ancient Mayas. It provides protection against darkness, drought and disease. These people are natural healers, whether they have a tendency of healing people around them or help them with soothing words. This sign has one flaw, and that is the tendency to doubt. Ah Kin was known as the bringer of doubt and indecisiveness. People born under this sign have to learn to trust their own and other people's decisions.

Mol – 13. December to 1. January. Meaning: Water, gathered clouds, jaguar, gathering. Interpretation: People born in this sign are firmly connected with the element of water. They can say that they can make ‘the rain start to fall,' that is, they exaggerate their achievements, and they have exploring spirit. Also, they should pay attention to how weather conditions affect them, how they feel, because, for example, during the rain they fill their life with energy. the same happens when they are in the water. Their totem animal is jaguar which was very powerful for Mayas. Jaguar represents the secrets of the shaman and the power of the leader. So, the people of this sign can easily end up as spiritual leaders.

Find out what sign are you in Mayan horoscope and what it says about you