The sexiest characteristic of your sign! What secret weapon should you use in seduction game?

Do you know which trait in your character makes others hover around you and

 what secret weapon you should be using in seduction game?

Is charm really the thing with which you leave people breathless, or there is something more to it? Everyone is sexy in their own way; some attract with their looks, some with the way they speak, and some with their behavior. Discover what is the trait that you use to charm the opposite sex infinitely. 


Your sign symbolizes the God of War, so it's no wonder you are strong, confident and always get what you want. Your independence acts like an aphrodisiac on some people but none less significant is the fact that you are a true fighter in your soul, persistent, enduring and willing to reach your goal at any cost. 


Talkative and sociable, it is impossible not to notice you. You are always in the center of attention, whether it is due to your topics for conversation or your subtle nature. Everybody who gets near you wants a piece of you just for himself, and in return, you dedicate enough of your attention to each of them in order for them to feel special.


People born in this sign can be pretty shy and reserved, but this is exactly why it is impossible to resist you. You intrigue with your restraint, modesty and desire not to open to others too much. That is how you make people want you even more. Anyway, sometimes it is much more interesting to reveal someone layer by layer than to have everything served at once.



Who can resist a person who radiates with warmth and tenderness? You simply allure with your virtues, so it's no wonder people race to get near you.  Mild nature is an additional bonus to which even pretty insensitive people can't say ”No.“


Your power lies in trust and security that you radiate. You take responsibility in every situation, and you leave an impression of a person that everybody can trust with their lives. So how could this be unnoticed? Besides that, you always dominate, you take the first step and with whole your personality you raise temperature wherever you are. 

HOROSCOPE: The sexiest characteristic of your sign! What secret weapon should you use in seduction game?


Your artistic mind in combination with your eloquence is a killer. You can wear clothes that don't reveal anything, but when you talk, your words hypnotize everyone. You are able to get anyone to bed just based on what you say, and no person can say 'no' to you.


Your sign is the most desirable in the entire Zodiac. Charm, beauty, and kindness simply radiate from you, so it’s no wonder that ordinary mortals would sell their soul to get as close to you as possible. When you show up, they don’t know where to look first and scan you from head to toe, and then again look at the whole picture.


You are so brave and passionate that absolutely no one can resist not to fall into your whirlpool. The energy that you emit is fatal to anyone who finds himself near you, because it spreads like a disease. When you use the term "sex on legs," people usually describe a member of your sign.



Although you are the luckiest zodiac sign, you are far from just sitting and waiting to get lucky. Your spontaneity is what excites other people the most because you are always up to try new things, you are not afraid to take risks, and you are fearless.


Your lucidity and extreme wit are what makes others go crazy for you. If we could compare laughter to alcohol, let's say one of your jokes equals two drinks, and you have so much spirit and jokes that it’s no wonder that people are drunk of you as soon as they are in your presence for more than 15 minutes.


You are extremely helpful, and you know how to pay attention to everyone. You belong to those people that are said to be sweet, but not because of the looks, but because of the behavior and this sweetness is extremely sexy. You say the right thing at the right time and touch the right buttons in the minds of others to make them want you.


You are dark and mysterious, so it’s no wonder people find you so attractive and intriguing. Sometimes you being reserved makes you look like a real loner and this draws people even more to you. This is logical because the darkness has always been more exciting than the light.

HOROSCOPE: The sexiest characteristic of your sign! What secret weapon should you use in seduction game?