What each Zodiac sign says after making love

Some like to talk about it; some could do it again right away


Aries - "Are we going to do it again?"

Members of this sign are full of energy; they expect their partners to be open for experimenting and to be durable. They like to dominate, and they do not always need foreplay. After the first round, they’re ready for more...


Taurus: "I am hungry, let's have a bite!"

Members of this sign know what they want, and they do not hesitate to ask for that. Inexperienced and timid lovers are not for them, although they will be restrained, at first, only to see who they are dealing with. Since they like to join pleasures, after pleasure in bed, they will go for food.


Gemini: "Where is the remote?"

Members of this sign are good lovers; for them, good pleasure in bed doesn't have to be the result of a fulfilling relationship. It could be an exceptional and exciting experience with someone who is not their match. They tend to be fetishists and perverts. They will be relaxed, and go for their main pastime - watching TV.  


Cancer: "What do you think of marriage?"

Although they may seem ..., they are very sensual lovers who like a lot of touching and caressing. If their relationships move to the next phase, they easily develop a deep feeling, and they become obsessed with the thought whether the partner feels the same.


Leo: "What was I like?"

Members of this sign are often slightly wild lovers; pleasure in bed for them is rarely gentle and slow. They are always ready for action; for them it is a matter of honor to be considered attractive. After a hot session, they have to be sure that their partner is fascinated by their skills. 

What each sign says after making love

Virgo: "Let's take a shower"

Virgo people are perfectionists in bed, as well as in everything else. They want long and exciting foreplay, rough lovemaking and cuddling in the end. They are not immune to fantasies and perversions that you would never think they’re capable of. Taking a shower after pleasure in bed is a must.


Libra: "It worked fine for me, what about you?"

Members of this sign are masters of seduction; they have many desires, but it takes them long admit that to their partner. They find foreplay very important, and if the partner is not of the same opinion, they will try to find out if there is some kind of problem.


Scorpio: "Do you want me to untie you?"

Scorpio people are more into sex than any other sign of the Zodiac. Their sign have become a synonym for the strong libido. The most important thing is that pleasure in bed is not a routine, and if you ask them, they would always change location and possible poses, as well as games that they simply adore.


Sagittarius: "I'll call you..."

Sagittarians see the pleasure in bed as good fun and an inevitable thing in life. They are not shy, but they are not as liberal as they think either. People think that they are champions in the number of partners compared with other signs.  


Capricorn: "Do you have a card, how can you contact you?"

Capricorns are, for most of the people, a big surprise when it comes to pleasure in bed, when they lose their attitude of restraint and self-control. They are very ardent lovers, but only if their partner is someone who is on the same wavelength as they are. No matter how pleasure in bed with a Capricorn can be passionate, the conversation afterwards is a real disappointment.


Aquarius: "What do you say to try it in bed now?"

There is a significant difference in the approach when it comes to Aquarians- it depends on whether it is with someone they love or just a one night stand. They will enjoy both, but they will be considerably more perverse with their permanent partner, so they can have lovemaking anywhere.


Pisces: "What was your name again?"

No matter how shy they might seem, Pisces are definitely not shy in bed. As lovers, they are very imaginative, they do their best to please their partner, and they expect the same in return. They fall for attractive looks, so it is not strange for them to get into passionate affairs with people they do not know very well.


What each sign says after making love