Zodiac signs: This is how your Ascendant affects on your pleasure in bed!

In some life periods, your Ascendant is stronger than your sun sign in some segments of life. Find out how it affects your Zodiac sign.




You like direct making love and are very passionate. Sometimes, you find it hard to restrain so that you could become violent. If it, by any chance, suits your partner, s/he will experience unbelievable satisfaction. You are spontaneous and do not tolerate restraint. Your partner can be totally open before you, and tell you all his/her little secrets. You are, also, the loudest of all Zodiac signs.

You usually get straight to the point, for you, a foreplay is a waste of time. 


For you, pleasure in bed is a matter of instinct, so your attitude is completely natural.  You consider pleasure in bed need; a need you enjoy, just like food or drink. You tend to exaggerate; when your partner is completely exhausted, you want more. Sensuality is your secret weapon; your partner feels you've been committed to him and that you enjoy his touch. Your partner's physical appearance means a lot to you, as well as his behaviors in the bed.

You request, and also give, a lot of kisses and cuddles. The best way to feel your partner's body is with your lips. You enjoy bodily curves and tastes. Massage and fondle is a great source of excitement. You are slow in bed; foreplay means a lot to you. You cannot reach a peak easily, but once you do, it can be so strong that you are not able to continue.



Diversity and vivid imagination are their best recommendation when it comes to pleasure in bed. Your curiosity makes you experiment and tries different things. That is the only way not to get bored of your partner and not to lose interest in bed. Having in mind that you are one of the most intellectual signs, you have that approach in the bed too.

You are trying different ways in order to satisfy your ego. Almost always, you have several partners. Even if you're in a relationship with a person you really love.  Perversions are, for you, normal and integral part of the game, there is nothing strange about that. It is important that you have fun and enjoy.



Your attitude towards pleasure in bed is very romantic. Emotional bond has to be an integral part of making love; otherwise, you will not be interested. However, it doesn't mean that this is something that rarely happens in your life. You are promiscuous, but monogamous, you like to have a permanent partner and you always fear that you're going to lose him/her. You're attentive in the bed; you won't do anything that that might emotionally or physically hurt your partner.

Foreplay lasts for long, and you are often satisfied with it. You fear that you might be rejected, so you rarely take the initiative. 



Leos enjoy the most with those who adore them, or they believe they do. Leos have an innate need for admiration; so you experiment in the bed in order to fascinate your partners with your potentials and skills. When your partner flatters and admires you, you will easily reach the peak of your pleasure. Your expectations in the bed are pretty big, but you are ready to give back even more. Physical appearance is important to you, so you usually choose partners who are attractive.

You like to have mirrors in your bedroom, and video cameras as well.

Zodiac signs: This is how your Ascendant determines your pleasure in bed!


You are looking for perfection. That’s why you have a constant feeling that you are not good enough, so others have to convince you that everything is ok with you. You are critical both to yourself and to your partner. It is not easy to please you, but you are generous and always give your partner a chance to be better. You are not a pervert. You do not prefer surprises and experiments.

You are doing your best to please your partner, only then you can fulfill your need to be perfect. Usually, it is your partner who takes the initiative. In bed, you are better as a follower, than a leader. You feel awkward when expressing feelings, but they are always deeper than what you show. On the other hand, you are too realistic to be impressed by someone's flattering.



To Libras, pleasure in bed is an instrument for gaining love and understanding. You are very romantic, and more in love with love itself, than at your partner. You crave for your partner's admiration and flattery, even if you know it's nothing more than just empty words. For you, pleasure in bed is just a part of a bigger game called flirt and conquest. It is not a priority in your relations with others; especially a routine making love depresses you and has a negative influence on your emotions.

You can often be promiscuous just to please others. This is also a reason for your weak resistance to the surge of the desire of your partner. In bed, you tend to be disciplined, and usually adapt to your partner's wishes. You even care more about them, than satisfying your own desires.



You are a person with very strong potentials. Your whole appearance screams 'pleasure', but you can control yourself, and that is what attracts the partner even more. Your desire for pleasures is very strong. It can make you reach the unimaginable heights, or fall into the deepest abyss. You take pleasure in bed very seriously (as well as all other things), and that's why you are not interested in flings and one-night stands.

In bed, you completely take control. What happens in bed isn't just happening on physical, but also on a mental level. You are very durable, and can exhaust your partner completely. You often leave marks of your unrestrained passion on him/her. You don't do that on purpose, but you get carried away by your energy, so you are not able to control yourself.



You consider pleasure in bed to be fun, before everything else. For you, pleasures are very important. You are relaxed and carefree and you can enjoy it. You are durable, and you expect the same from your partner. In a nutshell,  for you, pleasure in bed is a normal continuation of socializing with a person you care for. Since you consider pleasure in bed amusing, not something very serious, as other people do, you are prone to promiscuous behavior.

However, you prefer to agree with you partner on what you are going to do in order to reach maximal excitement and pleasure. It is important to you that your partner enjoys, that's why you are ready to try different things. For you, pleasure in bed is an adventure, you like to do it in various places and under unusual circumstances.



Capricorn is considered to be a not very "hot" sign. The reason lies in the fact that you are a very cautious person, and that you do not rush into anything, including pleasure in bed. It is important for you to get to know your partner well, before you get intimate. When that happens, you become an insatiable person. Than, you become very direct, without any restraint. You insist on complete satisfaction and are a bit selfish.

But, you have control over your life in bed; there are not many surprises and unpredictable things in it. Even in bed, you observe relationships in the long run framework, slowly preparing your partner for what suits you best.



You are unconventional and unpredictable in bed. You simply do not know when to stop. But, you are a friendly person and are not possessive. You don't need foreplay; you prefer to get to the point immediately.

Atypical behaviors, but not the violent ones, are quite acceptable. Your nature doesn't allow you to hurt your partner physically or mentally, in order to satisfy your needs. You also enjoy voyeurism. You adore to do it in unusual places.



If your Ascendant is in Pisces, then your partner has control. Your whole life, especially in bed, is ruled by emotions. You're overwhelmed with emotions and you are constantly looking for opportunities to express them. In bed, you are creative and sensible; you crave for excitement and sensuality. Partners that suit you best are those who like to experiment.

You follow your partner in everything; you can even adjust your endurance with your partner. Your main goal is to make your partner happy; you are ready to fake, if it helps, of course. Due to your emotionality, faithfulness is not your strong point. You are the kind of person to whom pleasure in bed helps to feel better.


Zodiac signs: This is how your Ascendant determines your pleasure in bed!