Check yourself: Who is romantic and who is kinky?

Making love with a person born in April is exciting, intense and very passionate while those born on May want sensual and satisfying sex

1. January

January-born is conservative when it comes to dating. But when they find someone they like, they'll do anything to get in contact. They are one of the kinkiest people, although you could never tell when you first meet them.

2. February

You are an adventurer full of passion. Those born in February are focused on many things and always look at the big picture, so it is very hard to connect with them emotionally. This is not a mission impossible; you just have to try it harder.

3. March

All those born in March adore spending their time having sex. It is a very intensive activity to them because they give their partners everything they can. They often raise sex to a high level of spirituality.


4. April

These are independent people, but when they find the right partner, they give themselves in entirely. Making love with an April-born is exciting, intense and very passionate. When it is finished, it is finished for real. Their passion is enormous, but they can easily get bored.

5. May

Those born on May want sensual and comfortable making love; they like the act of sex itself. They want to have it under the satin sheets in a beautifully decorated room or they won't have it at all.

Check yourself: Who is romantic and who is kinky?

6. June

They will try every possible position in the bedroom because they want to know everything about everything. They are not as intense as February-born, but they are equally exciting. If you want someone to talk to you dirty, you have found the real person. And if you try dirty phone talk with them, they will be yours forever.

7. July

Making love with a person born in July has a deep emotional component. They have to feel safe beside their partner, and when that happens, they will do everything to satisfy him/her. They like to cherish their partners and to meet their needs.

8. August

August-born is either extremely generous or terribly selfish. They want to make sure that their partner has everything they need or they will sleep with someone else. They have a very fragile ego and hate to be told what to do in bed.


9. September

They are very passionate persons, but they always manage to control their feelings. When it comes to making love, it will take them time to start enjoying. They won't insist on it immediately, but when they fall in love, they will be ready to do anything.

10. October

People born in October paint a romantic piece of art. They will tell you immediately howl the things will go and how you will feel. They want the whole experience to last as long as possible. They lack the real passion, but they compensate that by romantic gestures that lead to perfect making love.

11. November

They know best what the passionate is. They want to possess their partner, and to be possessed by her/him. They will try everything so that they can say ‘I did it’  afterwards.

12. December

December-born is very creative. They like to tell tales and to play different roles. It is sometimes hard to get emotionally connected with them, but making love will be extraordinary every time.

Check yourself: Who is romantic and who is kinky?