Astro Love: Favorite Love positions of Zodiac signs

Do you want to know what zodiac signs are like during lovemaking? What they enjoy the most? Find out!



Spontaneous, seductive and very demanding are the main characteristics of this sign. In bed, they have tried almost everything and therefore, if you end up in bed with a member of this sign let them lead.

If you stumble upon a woman of Aries, you have to know that she must be up and will do most of the work by herself. The best partners are Leo and Sagittarius.



It is clear that you will offend every true hedonist by being impatient. So, foreplay and caresses for a few hours are welcome.

Cuddle with lubrication, stimulation with all possible artificial and natural aids. The more tongue work, the better it is, consult astrologers. After a marathon foreplay comes to a canine position. The best partners are Virgo and Capricorn.



You know that they are shifty and that you cannot catch them. A disguise suits them best, and even changing a role is not strange to them. Regarding the position, the ideal is the 'between' one, on the side. Do not be surprised if, with this sign, you end up so muff that you no longer know where your legs are. As for the rhythm, do not overdo with changes. The best is a gently rocking. The best partners Libra and Aquarius.

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One step forward, two back, typical of Cancers. But when they finally decide to have a partner, they will not let him go. Cancers are most suitable for wedged positions - lotus position. The feeling of strong belonging, closeness and warmth is guaranteed. Should we mention eye contact and slow rhythm? The best partners are Scorpio and Pisces.



Nothing is embarrassing to Leo. If you are in a skirmish with the Leo woman, you can be sure that she won’t bullshit. And, if you really want her to experience multiple pleasures take a swing position.. If you survive this fire, for next partner select Sagittarius or Aries.

Astro Love: Favorite Love positions of Zodiac signs


Since the discretion is their trademark, don’t try anything in public places. But within four walls Virgo will gladly show you how they handle with refined fingers. If you are with a female Virgo, give her a sign to sit on your lap – she will turn into a little girl. But do not be selfish; help him/her sometimes and move your body.  We advise you to coordinate a moment. Best partners are Taurus and Capricorn.



Quick lovemaking is out of the question for them since such attacks often thrown them out of balance. And as members of this sign love total union, the ideal position is one in which Libra woman wraps her legs around man neck. Do not forget to reward your Libra at the end - for enduring so long in this position - with romantic gestures. The best partners are Gemini and Aquarius.



Sex is an art, and Scorpio is Picasso in it. There is nothing that will not come to their mind. As far as the position, anaconda is their favorite. He lies on his back, and she is on top of him, and in the opposite direction. The best partners are Pisces and Cancers.



They do not know what conventions are and never do what is expected of them; whether it's about sex on the sea, in the mountains, in a public place. Moreover, the sense of doing something forbidden will just pump their blood where it should. An ideal position is a standing one; a female partner with her back turned to the man. The best partners for testing are Aries and Leo and all those unknown individuals that Sagittarius accidentally stumble in pursuit of sex.

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Sex as a game of power, domination is unknown for them. If you want to draw from them the greatest amount of sensuality, start playing very casually, a bit innocent and fun. After rolling on the pillows, tickling sensitive body parts, move on to the main thing. Members of this sign never heard that sex has something to do with the game of power, the dominant roles. Every now and then change the rhythm. The best partners are Virgo and Taurus.



Until you conquer them, you will think that you have to deal with the ice queen/ king. But, after you manage to melt them, be ready for the most difficult stunts and impossible positions. Extravagant Aquarius adore, for example, that a man stands pressed against the wall, holding his partner as a drop of water in his hands. Best of all will be to whisper the worst perversions in your partner ear. At the end of the game do not be surprised if you succeed to drain bedding. The best partners are Gemini and Libra.



Pisces know how the smallest nerve in your body works. But to be thrown into the pool with them you must be a partner - a partner of their dreams. If you are selected, the best would be to have a dolphin position that guarantees intimacy and a sufficient amount of romance. The main motto that must be kept: Everything flows, everything slips. The best partners for Pisces are all sea creatures: Cancer and Scorpio.

Astro Love: Favorite love positions of Zodiac signs