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Members of this sign have amazing parapsychological abilities, but just like everywhere, they show their moderation here too. Most of the best doctors and therapists were born under this sign. Lively eyes, ability to remember and notice helps them in any work whether it's detecting grammatical errors or giving the right diagnosis. These natural characteristics determine occupation too, so we can often see them as botanists. Virgos are attracted by graphology and analysis of character with spontaneous drawings or ink stains. Their analytical Mercury never fails. Sometimes they can predict upcoming events with cramps in their stomach. If they learn to recognize and understand these natural qualities, they may discover that they posses precious way to contact with the natural wisdom.


Part of parapsychological abilities of Libra is telepathy and it is linked to the five senses. They may be attracted by chromotherapy or music therapy as well as the use of aromatic oils in therapy. They are also familiar with the flower therapy. East is appealing to members of the Venus' sign so they are often interested in Chinese astrology or I Ching, and not serious parapsychological topics such as hypnosis. At social gatherings their parapsychological abilities are activated and they can almost sense the situation.


This is certainly a sign that is most interested in topics from border areas. The inner desire to discover love and to get deeper into mysteries often gives them rich experiences related to the birth or experience with death. Pluto's depth and power give them the ability to capture the past and to reach eternal secrets like the lost Atlantis. Scorpio needs a good teacher who will guide them in the right way if they want to develop their immense parapsychological powers.


Considering that they are interested in philosophy and religion in a broad sense, they are great fighters and researchers. Jupiter, their ruler and their great protector, influences that they are prophets by nature, even when they don't want it. They will often comment on something before others and later it will turn out to be very important. Different and distant cultures affect them. They need to believe in power that is beyond themselves. They are attracted by scientific facts as well as the old myths. The study of ancient religions, radio esthesia and watching the fire are things that they are great at.


Members of this earth sign always want to know where they are. They love facts, logic and don't have much time for such fantastic fabrications. For them it's hard to accept anything that can't be logically explained or proven by reason alone. They are preoccupied with material aspects of life to be thinking about extrasensory powers. This sign, with the help of its ruler Saturn, governs the stones, so when Capricorns want to develop their sixth sense they should look at the stones. They can also develop a technique of looking into a crystal or a crystal ball as well as analysis of the character using facial features and shape of the body.

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Uranus which characterizes Aquarius is the planet that rules the freedom, friendship, astrology and future. Curious by nature, members of this sign have a strong desire to penetrate to inaccessible secrets of the universe and man, macrocosm and microcosm. Biorhythm, psycho tests and parapsychology itself, are often the subject of interest of advanced Aquarius. They are able to help themselves and others through a variety of methods of getting to know themselves and the world around them. They often experience sudden flashes of intuition, inspiration and insight into the essence of things.


Hypersensitive by nature, most Pisces learn to save themselves from all the insults and injuries of the outside world by closing in themselves. Since they are preoccupied with emotions, they must understand that this tendency can lead them to extremes, that is that they can suffocate in an excessive outburst of emotions in the presence of others or isolated, rely on themselves. Neptune, their ruler, can bring them to various depths of consciousness and subconsciousness. Turbulent and prophetic dreams and visions are the gifts that Pisces possess. They're attracted to chromotherapy, reflexology and therapy with scents and flowers. They can interpret the symbols in a coffee cup or look into a crystal ball extremely well.


Each horoscope sign is inclined to a certain occult discipline

Each horoscope sign is inclined to a certain occult discipline